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SAVE SIENA FOOTBALL - pass it along

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What a situation. For the second time in a decade the College has announced the discontinuation of football. 1996 was the first time and concerned alumni worked together with the team to rescue the sport. Zoom forward to 2004 and the effort has been rekindled.


One wonders that if the College had communicated their intentions to alumni that maybe an effort could been made before announcing the cuts. The alumni were notified the day AFTER the announcement.


What can we do to help? Obviously if you're an ex-Siena student/faculty member you should contact Mike Dannenhoffer (m.dannenhoffer@snet.net) who will get you on the info list. A well attended on-campus meeting was held recently and more are planned.


As a general advocate of I-AA you can assist by spreading the word about this effort so that all interested parties have the chance to get involved. Pass along any info/ideas/contacts that may help.


Save Siena football? They did it once and history may repeat itself.



Mike Dannenhoffer, m.dannenhoffer@snet.net

Save Siena Football

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why is that here? ... of course, if they would have agreed to a contract for a series of games with their fellow IAA member danes, i'm sure that many on this side would have voiced support in favor of saving their football program ... considering that they danced around any effort to restore meetings between UA and Siena on the gridiron, i see it as one less topic congesting local media coverage in the fall

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Since you are in the same neck of the woods and also participate in "mid-major" I-AA I posted it here. The idea is to get the word out to all Siena folk so they can help drive the revival. Hey, they did it eight years ago. They can do it again. Students deserve a gridiron option at their school.

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If by "same neck of the woods" you have some dilusion that UAlbany would ever cancel football, that is laughable. We have a strong league, a strong program, good financial backing.


Siena football shouldn't have been saved the first time.


I look at this as a positive for Siena- thankfully for them most people didn't know they had a team, and those that did knew it was one of the worst in the entire nation. It's a positive public relations move to remove an anchor from our your collective necks. Good riddance.

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At the MAAC's level of play it does not take a lot of financial backing to keep your team competitive. It was apparent Siena was not willing to even come up with that amount of support. It's sad to say but true. Even if they are successful in reviving the program they aren't going to support it properly as everything is going to go to basketball.

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The MAAC had to fold. This tells you something about the level of play in the league and the financial and spirit contribution levels of the schools that were involved. Let me tell you, Siena and Canisius are better off without football overall.


The age old question "If a Tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" could easily be applied to Siena football.


Now mind you, UAlbany isn't exactly an attendance haven, but if Siena plays a football game at Albany Academy, and no one goes, listens on the radio, or cares who won (not Siena), then did the Saints actually play a game?

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