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Turnovers, Penalties Kill!!!!!

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We have turned the ball over like 20 times in the first 3 games. We eliminate just two of them and we are sitting here today @ 2-1 thinking playoffs. We would have blown Maine out of the "stadium" without 4 t/o on Sat. We must be good as we prevailed on Sat despite the t/o's. I am thrilled and dumbfounded...I have no idea how they did it, but glad they did. No team should EVER win when they turn the ball over that many times. My hats off to our boys in purple. I was in an outside tiki bar by a pool in Miami when the score came across 16-0 Maine. I shook my head. Then later someone told me Albany came back and won. I thought he was drunk. Then I saw it for myself and I was sure I was drunk, but elated!!!!


Had we played the perfect game at UMASS we still lose by 2 TD's. They are that good. The fact they are ranked 15th is just a crime. They will be in the National Championship if they can get through Richmond and Delawaree IMHO.


These guys can't get big heads with this win and take the NEC lightly as they play a desperate SHU team on Sat. They can't turn the ball over that many times and not expect to get bit in the ass. Believe it or not there is more to play for now then ever. I read the post that Wyland had said its time for Albany to move on from the NEC, music to this fans ears. If we slip, the naysayers will be there to deny us moving on. Nothing short of another title will do. If we sweep 3 in a row these kids have made the case loud n clear its time to move on!!! These kids really are the foundatioon of this program on the FCS level.Forget the GIC...who cares. Its a season to move on from the NEC. To me thats worth more then a trip to the NCAA playoffs. Yes I mean that.

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The amount of TO's have been shocking. Something needs to be done to correct the issue, the fact that we beat Maine (a ranked team) with that many t/o is a miracle.


I gotta be honest, I was pleasantly surprised with the size of the crowd this weekend, the stands were packed and it wasn't even home coming. Most of the stands were packed shoulder to shoulder...I ended up going to the visitors side up on the hill because my season tickets are in row C and I couldn't see a thing so I moved. If I may digress for a minute....can't wait 'till we have some kind of seating improvements....I literally can't see a THING from Section 500 Row C, the whole team plus cheerleaders are DIRECTLY in front of me. To get back on point...it was a great sight from the opposite side of the field with so many people there, some of the corner sections were empty but otherwise shoulder to shoulder.....= AWESOME!


- When does the NEC contract come up for renewal? I seem to remember something about prior to the '11 season...is that accurate?

- Are we starting to hand out full scholarships? I know that Drew is on a full scholarship, is anyone else or are we still doling out partials?

- If we seriously consider what Wyland and others here have said...where do we go? Wouldn't going BS be a significant drain on the athletic budget? There doesn't appear to be any other regional conference that can accommodate us.

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13 turnovers in 3 games for a -9 ratio.


10 turnovers are attributable to one person - Espo.


8 INTs and 2 funbles lost. excl.gifexcl.gifexcl.gifexcl.gifexcl.gif




Luckily, its a new day on Saturday. Everything will be slower now in NEC play and maybe, just maybe Espo can get back in the groove and stop the INT's.

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