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Jen Schumacher makes 1 of 2 FTs to make give us a 4 point lead with 16 seconds left.


Jones makes 1 of 2 to make it 4point game with 14 seconds


Stacey Johnson gets a key defensive board and makes 1 of 2 FTs with 5 seconds


UA wins 52-50 and the bench helped out, too!!


Congrats Women's Hoop

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Was at the game last night but was too beat to post when I got home. Forgot to bring directions to UH on the way down and didn't realize it until I got past Bradley Airport. Then counldn't find any parking around the arena. Once I got inside they couldn't find my tickets at the will call-I swear it was because I was wearing an Albany hat. In alot of way my night started like the Danes did.

The game started early so I missed the first few minutes. Hutch was already on the bench with 2 fouls and Ayers was on the bench with a jacket over her and not looking good at all. As someone who has watched this team all year I saw some pretty odd combinations of players out on the floor with Ayers and Hutch both on the bench. The Hartford pressure made them look bad on offense, Sweetland in particular. Took 15 seconds or more to bring the ball up court and they had no time left to set up a play. On two second consectuive possesions Sweetland was dribbling out on the perimiter as the shot clock expired with no idea how much time was left on the clock. Hartford had a 3 point lead at the break.

Danes came out with a run in the second half lead mostly by Learn. They really leaned on Learn not just to score by creating her own shot but also by breaking the press and seeing over the top. They handled the press a little better in the second half but didn't really punish Hartford when they broke it. Several times players (Schumaker comes to mind) waiting for the second defender to come over instead of dribbling out of trouble or passing.

Hutch was a foul magnet. It stinks that the officials aren't smart enough to see Hartford was trying to get her in foul trouble. Hutch's third foul was essential a Hawks guard just dribbling into her. Her fourth and most unbelievable foul was when she was coming up court. A Hartford guard dribbled backward to get away from Sweetland and backed into Hutch and Hutch got called for #4. Danes went on a run and had a 7 or 8 point lead with around 5 minutes to go. Patterson elected to put Hutch back in and go for the knockout. Patterson fired them up during a timeout and then went back out on the court where on the first defensive possesion Hutch got called for her fifth. I swear not more than 30 seconds went off the clock. It was a battle the rest of the way.

Stacy Johnson played big in the closing couple of minutes. Patterson subbed her offense/defense for Schumaker. She made a great defensive play and then got the rebound with about 20 seconds to got (Patterson is a genus!). Next possesion with a four point lead and 15 seconds to go Johson fouls (Patterson is an idiot!). She played well the next possesion and the stregedy worked. Really poor free throw shooting kept Hartford closer than they should have been down the strech. Hartford 3 pointer at the buzzer made it a 2 point final.

Really gutty effort and alot of people doing things that weren't required of them all season. More Danes fans there than I expected includuing a former player who sat behind me and whose name I couldn't remember until I got in the car-Shauna Brewer? Terrific win.

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Dane Pound - Your comments on Hutcheson's second half fouls mirrored the radio guys' comments. They also questioned a call just before Hutcheson got her 4th where a Hartford player (I think Messam) slapped both of Hutcheson's arms after a rebound and the call wound up being a jump ball. In Coach Patterson's comments on the radio post game, she praised Learn for elevating her game when Ayers and Hutcheson were out and also praised Schumacher saying that Hartford was pressuring her on the wing and Schumacher realized she could drive into the lane for shots and assists. She was the Lady Dane assist leader last night.


Last night was the first time I had listened to the WCDB broadcast for any length of time all season. The student announcers have improved their delivery substantially since the last time I listened, which is probably over a year ago. Also, glad to see the Times Union sent Singelais. The Gazette did not cover it in person.

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Calls on Hutch were really almost surreal. She had a travelling called on her right in front of me that was ridiculous. If I didn't know better I'd swear they had it out for her-perhaps Rizzotti's influence.

Didn't give Schumaker enought credit in my first post. She is a heady player and has become more than a 3 point specialist. Hartford really took away the things Albany likes to do on offense and the Danes reacted by stepping up in different ways. Schumaker driving the lane is a prime example.

6 points from your two leading scorers and you still find a way to beat the host team in their own building. They really showed alot of character last night. I'm sorry I won't be able to make tonights game. Is it on WCDB? Should we find a way to pull it off tonight I'm going to Hartford on Saturday.

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Yes, it will be on WCDB tonight.


Where were you sitting? You can recognize Megan Buchanan and Don Ostrom behind the UA bench in one of the photos from the AE Championship Live web page. The announcers were complaining about the view from their angle.


I'll probably drive over this pm if the snow doesn't get worse. Definite on Saturday, if we


(or at least New England)

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Good eyes UAlum. From that photo I sat just to the right of Meghan Buchanan and am not visible in the photo. I actually sat next to the guy with the white shirt in the far right of the picuture.

Wish I could head over tonight also. Just no way I can be there near six.

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