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Schumer - Omnibus Approps Bill $1.6M for Commun. @ Nano


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I see it this way. The State of New York has a responsibility to its university centers.

They are the pillars of the entire system. The State should have built well rounded, powerful centers, and

that includes full funding without short changing any of them. That includes funding for the world's #1 ranked

Nano college, and UAlbany athletic facilities.


It's not the responsibility of the federal government. The federal government is one big old porker. If UAlbany is building the nano technology infrastructure for our nation, then there's an argument on why they should receive federal funding. There are very few qualified projects that should receive such funding, IMO. There's a reason why we are 15 trillion in debt, have bankrupt entitlement programs, our industrial base is a skeleton of its former self, and our dollar continue its decline. One of the many reasons is that our federal government is addicted to spending, as well as our entire culture.


Of course we all want a stadium, deserve a stadium, and should have a stadium already. It shouldn't be given

to us by the federal government. Funding to the university centers, including funding for a multi purpose stadium, is on the shoulders of NYS. You build a powerful, well rounded university center, including nationally competetive sports programs and athletic facilities, for the entertainment of the students, to enhance school spirit and cohesion, to attract brighter students giving them other reasons to attend other than just academics, to bond the university with the community, and to bond students with its alumni base.


It's a given, athletics promotes a stronger, more attractive university. Not all of the system's colleges should receive large investments, but the four pillars should be the mighty flagships, competitive in everything. Funny how final fours, world series, and national championships enhance a university :)


All of the other colleges in the sytem would benefit greatly, just by association to these flagships.

Step up NYS.

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