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vs. Binghamton

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Thursday night was also the first party night of the semester for the students. As whole our students haven't been devoted to basketball for a while now, so I would expect it to come second to partying/going downtown the majority of the time, especially the first party night of the semester.


I'm also guessing most students didn't even know there was a game. Aside from the the diehard fans or even those with just some sort of interest in the team, the students have to be told (via email, advertising, etc) when the games are. The school hardly advertises the games at all anymore. It's like they just gave up once the season, and subsequently attendance, went south midway through last year. They used to have posters and flyers all around campus for EACH game, now nothing. I remember them handing out tickets in the LC's and dining halls too, much like football still does. Its almost as if the school just gave up on basketball specifically, since last basketball season I've seen no change in the advertising for any other sport, only the near disappearance for basketball.


I think the Siena game was huge, and it may have turned a lot of students back on to UA basketball, but I think the school needs to push the issue to see these results however. I miss the days where I would have to get to the games early or face getting stuck with a bad seat, now I could show up 30 minutes late and still have enough room in the first row to lay down. Sad.



Here is the issue, if you ask me. When I was a Freshmen, I used to get emails every game day telling me about games. The atmosphere used to be crazy with organized cheers and the sections used to be full. It used to be the pre-game before going out. It used to be called the "DANEIACS" (I think) and it was an organized student group I think. They tried to reignite it last year with the DANEger zone, but the plan has fallen completely flat on its face if you ask me, due to a lack of follow through on a lot of plans that they talked about when they first rolled it out...

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