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  1. Thanks. I thought the actual basketball team was selling official gear that would go right back to them.
  2. I’d rather this program be a stepping stone for coaches to move onto big time jobs.
  3. And to be fair based on past history well get to the tournament at some point in the next 2 years when WB gets his 4th place team hot for 3 games in March.
  4. In my opinion this program is where it probably should be. People seem to think we’ve had some sort of sustained success and tradition of winning. Yes we’ve had 5 trips to the NCAA tournament, but only 2 regular season championships. That in my opinion is the true measure of sustained success. Sprinkle in those 2 first place finishes the and after that is prob between 4-6th place finish on average.
  5. That wasn’t the point. If Siena couldn’t fill their canceled game it made no sense for both teams to travel on the road when they could have just played each other staying at home. It’s all moot now
  6. Looks like Siena is getting a conference game in with Fairfield.
  7. Siena had its game canceled this weekend as canisus had a positive. So both Albany and Siena would rather travel on the road than just play each other twice and stay local. This is a joke.
  8. Can’t see how not playing for 2 weeks is more of a benefit than getting actual games in. It’s a lost season anyway, I’m sure these seniors just want to play other teams instead of 2 weeks beating each other up at practice, in which most case is where all the injuries have come from.
  9. Can’t find anyone to play with this 2 week gap? I can’t believe the two local D1s can’t even agree to play each other just to get games in.
  10. Thanks did not know. Also don’t have access to the TU articles so not sure where to get updates. Are they filling games with out of conference teams for next weekend since SB is postponed?
  11. It’s not, but it’s like beating a dead horse on this board with that topic 🤷‍♂️
  12. An ok coach who runs a clean program and at this level that’s all an AD can ask for. The sooner we all come to the reality that we are what we are as long as we are playing in the America East conference the less frustrating it will be. Merry Christmas!
  13. Anyone know why they didn’t foul down 2 with 34 sec left to extend the game? They decided to do nothing for 24 seconds on defense and then finally foul one of their better FT shooters with 10 seconds left.
  14. Is there still going to be an NCAA tournament for this season? Haven’t kept up at all on what they plan on doing.
  15. Are this weekends games going to be streamed?
  16. Incorporating 7 new players seems to be the trend lately over the past 5-6 years.
  17. So if Albany made it to the quarterfinals would there be a chance they get sent to play at Navy?? Or is it just assumed they’d be placed at Casey?
  18. Rosters up. Jackson Brown on the roster.
  19. Should have left the scooby.
  20. This is what you resort to when the coaching staff has problems developing players.
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