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  1. When has adding depth to the PG position ever been a waste? To think Amica is capable of playing 25-30 min a game is a bit absurd.
  2. Now what was so wrong with John Calipari saying coach Killings was a good person? You must have been appalled when the team took the guarantee game in 2015 against Kentucky then. Players mouthing off to officials. Yup the Killings lead Albany team is the only team to do that today.
  3. Like you said there’s a lot of unanswered questions still. Also to be exact, the letter says he made inappropriate physical contact with the player in a team hype circle. You can probably consider it inappropriate contact every time a coach slaps a player in the ass or chest after a big shot or play.
  4. The original word “accidental” was used by a reporter on Twitter per sources that said Killings claims it was accidental. Again no one knows exactly what happened, but people are ran with that tweet where the word accidental was used. All the local papers and news outlets ran off of this specific tweet. No where is a direct quote from Killings saying it was accidental. It is Jeff Goodman who is using the word accidental from whatever sources he spoke with.
  5. It’s been almost a week of this nonsense and only the coach has given a detailed statement of what occurred. If it’s a lie, I’d hope someone from the basketball team, trainer, manager, or player would come out and say it in the next few days. Hype circles I would think involve the entire team. At this point I doubt the player involved will say anything about the incident as there has to be NDA’s out the wazoo.
  6. Not to keep cracking jokes, but only if Reece Williams had this in his walk-on playbook.
  7. Nothing fires people up like an ultimate wedgie. Either way look back at the Instagram video I posted here the other day. It tells it all. Clearly he didn’t look too happy, but nothing that screams I’m going to have to report this in 3 months.
  8. You can add the president to your $ienalist now as well. Good thing you have your sources to give your the truth on what went down because 97% of the alumni don’t care about Albany athletics and how corrupt it is.
  9. I guess we now know he’s not paid by the school to call football and basketball games. He’s been “dropping” insider news for years like this and he’s mixing in his day job with his side job. After this investigation is done he should be gone too. Hand over the radio and tv to the students.
  10. With no “insider” info, and no actual information released on the incident by the school, I don’t see anything wrong with people wanting to support Killings.
  11. Late February the school was made aware. Could be around the time he was told sorry Luke we can’t offer you a scholarship for next year? Someone please make a movie out of this.
  12. Not saying this was the exact incident. But just from digging you can see Luke did throw down his fist a little harder than you’d normally see after a huddle break. So maybe the incident happened before this game? It seems to me it could have been two close people that are actually close that got a little heated with each other? Just so confused as to where the cover up is in this. Clearly the coach can’t lay his hands on another player, but if said player is fine with what happened and played on with the rest of the season what exactly is being covered up?
  13. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CWq5KDrDeE2/?utm_medium=copy_link Nice little slam here by Luke after the EIU game. Wanted no part of the celebration. This makes for a nice low budget movie.
  14. According to Wyland you are correct. Horton still a big WB guy!
  15. True. It’s amazing how you can push a kid after he makes game winning shot, slap him on the chest, and put him in a headlock. As long as it’s all fun it’s good!
  16. Every player who enters the portal now will be scrutinized. Doles has entered. He’s probably 26 years old at this point. Let me know when these free covid years are done because it’s ridiculous.
  17. So your thought was if DK quietly resigned after the season the player would have stayed quiet. Yeah that would have been a great look too. This is all trash. The coaches, admins, and players. Tear it all down. It’s been trash for years.
  18. I mean, all I can do is laugh at this disaster. Everything about it.
  19. Late November. Team was winless. Must have smacked someone before the EIU game and got a win!
  20. So the player stayed the remainder of the year after the incident and waited till the end of the season to say something?
  21. This program took a setback back in 2016 from John Gallagher and Pancake Thomas.
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