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Crazy. Certainly will bite us in the Siena against better teams. I guess a 21 point win AND having something to get on your team about is a coach's dream though isn't it?


If things go well the next two weeks games could be battles for first place. Against the Dukes and then Bobby Mo. That Maine loss isn't looking so bad now. Similar score that they beat #6 Delaware by today.

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From the game notes:

All-Time Series Record

Oct. 23, 1999: Albany 55, Saint Francis 17 (Pine Bowl)

Oct. 7, 2000: Albany 52, Saint Francis 7 (University Field)

Oct. 27, 2001: Albany 24, Saint Francis 14 (Pine Bowl)

Oct. 26, 2002: Albany 49, Saint Francis 21 (University Field)

Oct. 11, 2003: Albany 44, Saint Francis 21 (Pine Bowl)

Oct. 9, 2004: Albany 38, Saint Francis 0 (University Field)

Oct. 22, 2005: Albany 25, Saint Francis 16 (DeGol Field)

Oct. 21, 2006: Albany 48, Saint Francis 0 (University Field)

Oct. 20, 2007: Albany 58, Saint Francis 21 (DeGol Field)

Oct. 25, 2008: Albany 27, Saint Francis 3 (University Field)

Oct. 3, 2009: Albany 27, Saint Francis 6 (DeGol Field)

Oct. 9, 2010: Albany 48, Saint Francis 0 (University Field)


and now 41-20, so an average score about 41-9.


That didn't stop us from getting a couple more injuries today - Kirschner limped off, Plungas, one or two others?

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Times-Union and Record took their stories from the UA release and the same Ford quote : “We did a lot of positive things on offense, but the penalties kept the game interesting,” Nothing in the Altoona paper either.


BTW an earlier Altoona story said SFU was giving 28 1/2 scholarships this year, about the same as Duquesne. Dukes edged Bryant yesterday.

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