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Men's Basketball Newcomers- How do you rank them?

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In previous years I kept a much closer look on the men's basketball recruits, but now because of transfers and international signings I have been following at a bit more of a distance. With the season nearing I find myself more interested, so I am taking it to the board as to your thoughts on the newcomers:


Tanner Gibson

Peter Hooley

Sam Rowley

Gerardo Suero

Chris Page

Jayson Guerrier


Six guys. Suero seems to be getting a lot of hype (and will be a starter in his first ever college game), but what are the thoughts on each of the newcomers?

Without badmouthing the players...


1) Who will be redshirted?

2) Who won't finish their career at UA?

3) If everything breaks perfectly for each player, what is their ceiling/output?

4) In a worst case scenario, what kind of production will we get from these kids?

5) How do you rate their "recruiting stock" against each other?

6) Etc., etc., etc.


It's obviously all speculation and opinion, (and there may be a question or two in there that people don't feel like answering), but I was trying to get a better feel for the class, and thought this could make it more of a capsulated view.

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I know I've been quiet of late, but best you believe I'm as engaged as ever with what's going in with this squad. With that being said, I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the season to begin. I think it's still way too early to comment on a lot of the things you asked in your post, but I think the only thing we can say with certainty is Suero is going to be a STUD. I will be shocked if he isn't a first team all conference guy.

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I'm sure I'll have more to say after seeing the scrimmage tomorrow but my concern with Suero is NOT if he can score but can play any D? We've all heard about his offensive provers as well as his slashing ability but you can't have two poor defenders out there. Rumor has it, he scored well and often on LIU but struggled overall with the system and my assumption, defensive end.


I hope no one leaves early but we all know that isn't likely. It doesn't help that we don't have great balance in our recruiting classes although it's not horrible. Some of these kids will have to basically sit for two years or play few minutes before they get their chance...No one graduates at the end of this year.


I would think red-shirting Page and maybe Gibson would be considered, especially Page, not because he can't play I'm just not sure where he's going to play.


I would assume Hooley is firmly in the rotation as is Rowley considering we need depth up front.


I find Gibson very intriguing especially if CB and Black can groom him to be his backup and than take over for him in his JR year. He apparently is a great athlete but can he run a team?


No idea what to expect out of Guerrier, apparently he can spell us a bit at the four although he'd be small. He is the guy I have no idea what to think about. I guess time will tell.


Overall I love the makeup of this roster...most looking forward to not having to watch 45 point games like in years past, hopefully this team lives up to expectations that they can fill it up.


Let's do this!

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I see Hooley as key to this class. He's the handcuff for both Black and Suero. The season doesn't automatically crumble if Black get's hurt and we also have offensive firepower on the bench if Suero doesn't catch on as expected. Rowley is the x-factor though I'd say. We can't match other team's toughness (or health) inside with our three bigs from last year -- Rowley is going to have to mix it up with Voelkel and Brenton to balance out what should be a prolific offensive team.

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In my mind all the newbies with the exception of Suero are role players because we return 4 starters and a total of six players with solid experience. Ralph Watts in my opinion really came on strong at the end of last season and can probablly play 1-3 and even some 4 if we go small.


I've heard Page needs to get stronger so he may be a possible redshirt but I also heard he can really stroke it. We have to make sure we have a rifleman if Logan goes down with his foot problems so maybe redshirtingisn't an option for Page.


Also we have to ne careful with Devlin coming off back surgery, you never know. Billy Allen really worked hard but never was the same after his surgery. Maybe Rowley or guerrier are insurance for Luke.


We also must have insurance for Puk whose lone season was tainted by achilles problems.


Hooley seems to me like the newbie (other than Suero) getting the most minutes - just based on the little tidbits I heard out of Canada. Anyone who could put up 30 has to have some decent ability.


The good thing is nobody should have to log ridiculous minutes this season and the bad thing is there enough minutes to keep everyone happy? Winning maybe the thing that pleases everyone and keeps them together.


To me the real key is will Puk be healthy and show solid improvement this season?

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Agreed on Puk...if this kid can develop I think he has the ability (not sure about temperament/desire) to be the best true center in the AE. He is agile, big, has decent footwork and a knack for blocks. If he turned into something decent as a basketball player this team is going to be difficult to handle.


Also agree on your Watts...I remember when last season started, he looked shaky especially handling the rock. As the season progressed I thought he really got comfortable out there. I think his IQ is off the charts, he never forced anything, played within himself, steady handling the ball. I see him being an important piece for this team, he's also a consummate team player.

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