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Latest Championship or NCAA Tournament Bid- All 19 Sports


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I took the time to compile an Excel spreadsheet of the last championship or trip to the NCAAs for each of UAlbany's 19 separate sports. Included in the data is the name of the current coach, and the year they were hired.


The information is found in Post #1.


I have also applied a "stop-light rating" for each of the individual teams, offering my subjective judgment on their recent athletic success.


Green lights were reserved for programs that have won either a conference title, or made a trip to the NCAAs, within the past couple of years.


Yellow lights were reserved for programs that have gone a fair amount of time without achieving either of those accomplishments.


Red lights were reserved for those programs that have never achieved either of those accomplishments.


**Disclaimer: This data is for entertainment purposes only.**

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The data is meant to be informational, but here are some of my observations/rationale:

  1. 11 of the 19 sports have achieved either one or both of those accomplishments within their last season. (Very impressive figure.)
  2. The women's cross country team has never won a title, but as their coach/director has experienced tremendous success, I will offer a pass.
  3. Neither soccer team has won a title, but America East soccer is highly competitive. The men have a relatively new coach, and the women have a highly qualified coach, so hopefully one or both of the teams can win a title soon.
  4. Will Brown and Scott Marr are quite similar. Both coaches were hired in 2001, and both last won a title in 2007. Basketball is still in full swing, and the lacrosse team was just picked first in the conference, so hopefully a title can be won.
  5. Baseball has not won a title in five years, and that is about all I can say about that.
  6. Although golf won a title three years ago they were given a yellow light because that title is from the America East Championships where they finished first out of three teams. I would like to see sore more success before I would feel comfortable giving women's golf a green light. With a brand new coach, they are a program to pay some attention to.
  7. Tennis has been dominated by B.U., but UAlbany recently hired a new coach with a track record of success. He has already brought in some very impressive talent, so this is one program that may receive a green light soon.
  8. With B.U. leaving the conference, these accolades should become a little more attainable. Until I looked at the data, I did not realize how dominant the B.U. women's tennis team has been.

Again, this is just to offer some perspective. Overall, the athletic department is in very good shape.

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The web page link in the first post has been updated to include the two Indoor Track & Field championships that UA won today.


Without Boston University competing UA was able to take both titles in dominating fashion.


The women's team had been one year removed from a championship, but now both teams have won titles at their latest opportunity.


Congratulations to them.

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  • 5 months later...

I updated the listing to show:

1) The perfect 4 for 4 showing in winter sports.

2) Spring championships in men's lacrosse, softball, and both track and field programs.

3) The new women's soccer coach.


With Brown (MBB) and Marr (MLax) winning their first titles in six years each, that places baseball's program on my watch list. In thirteen years on the job there has only been one trip to the NCAAs, and the program has never won a regular season championship. I know Maine and SBU have strong programs, (and that we somehow managed to recruit an upper-round high school pitcher this recruiting season), but I would like to see some more success out of that program.


In the fall, we need one of the soccer programs to break through soon, and we need some female cross country runners to bring home a title! Without B.U. maybe these things can happen soon.

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