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Recruiting - 04/05


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Prof we will agree to disagree here. Manhattan is hands down better than any team in the AE, perhaps an AE team could beat them but it would be an upset. Of course Manhattan won’t go undefeated in the MAAC nobody does. AS for Northeastern they stunk last year had RPI in the mid 200’s . They may be improved but teams seldom go from a 240 RPI to a top 100 team in one year


Manhattan will have a top 40 or 50 RPI and Siena and Niagara will be top 100


The only AE team I saw last year that could compete with the top MAAC teams was BU and like I said not only were the Jaspers better so was Siena , Fairfield and maybe Niagara and all those teams return a majority of their talent


Right now the AE is weak with the recent defections, over the next few years as the State schools improve the AE will go back to where it was a high teen low 20 conference. To think 3 or 4 teams in one of the worst conferences in D1 a conference with the best RPI of 121 ( BU) and only two teams in the top150 would be better than Manhattan (RPI 55) and a league that had 3 top 100 teams in Manhattan, Fairfield and Siena is well not too smart. Prof I’m kind of surprised at you, you seem to know your hoops but you’re all washed up on rating the conferences

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If the MAAC is so superior why did Sagarin last year rate it only 2.6 points higher (one more three-pointer) than AEast?


20 BIG WEST = 71.07

21 SOUTHERN = 70.65

22 IVY LEAGUE = 70.26

23 ATLANTIC SUN = 69.36

24 MID-CONTINENT = 68.75

25 AMERICA EAST = 68.66

26 PATRIOT = 67.86

27 SOUTHLAND = 67.68


and while the state schools improve, what are your boys going to tell RiderRaver when he touts his Broncs? What hope for Loyola?


Even the MAAC is closer to #31 MEAC that to the BCS level

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Sorry if I wasn’t clear ’72. I’m not touting the MAAC as some sort of top conference, the MAAC is what it is a decent Mid major conference, nowhere near a BCS league. It is and has been historically a stronger conference than the AE. And that’s no knock on the AE just a fact. Normally the top 1 or 2 AE teams could compete quite easily in the MAAC. For the prof to say the top 3 or 4 AE teams would win the MAAC is just lets say misinformed.


As for Loyola I’d really like to see them leave the MAAC it appears they have no commitment to basketball at all. AS for Rider and RiderRaver..hehehe who cares what he thinks ;-)

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i think that the top 3 in the ae could win the maac.

i believe that vermont plays iona early so that should give us a pretty good guideline.

i think the falloff after the top 3 in the ae is where the maac makes up the difference.

except for loyola every maac team is better than the rest of the ae.

manhattan is loaded this year and should go undefefeated but niagara and siena away games will be telling.

i would love to have a conference to conference playoff like the acc and the big ten do.

the maac would get killed by the a10 so i dont see why any maac fan would want that.

course u got some real bugs on the maac boards.

they dont know anything except what they read on the board and they take that for gospel.

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i think the falloff after the top 3 in the ae is where the maac makes up the difference.

except for loyola every maac team is better than the rest of the ae.

Not nearly, by last year's final Sagarin:

70 Manhattan = 80.17

120 Siena = 76.01

133 Boston U. = 75.42

151 Fairfield = 74.44

160 Vermont = 73.97

169 Niagara = 73.35

171 Iona = 73.20

212 Marist = 69.88

213 Hartford = 69.81

214 Binghamton-NY = 69.79

217 Northeastern = 69.61

220 Maine = 69.53

226 Canisius = 69.01

229 Rider = 68.56

254 Saint Peter's = 66.82

266 Stony Brook-NY = 65.70

307 Albany-NY = 60.76

310 New Hampshire = 59.82

313 Loyola-Maryland = 58.21

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ok lets take a look.

eliminate the top 3 from each league.

manhattan, siena, and fairfield from the maac

boston u, vermont and hartford from the ae

fourth ranked teams

niagara 73.35 and binghamton 69.79

fifth ranked teams

iona 73.20 and northeastern 69.61

6th ranked teams

marist 69.88 and maine 69.53

7th ranked teams

canisius 69.01 and stoney brook 65.70

8th ranked teams

rider 68.56 and albany 60.76

9th ranked teams

st peters 66.82 and new hampshire 59.82

they are the figures u wanted to use and in each case the maac team was higher than the ae team.

i also saw new hampshire play at home 3 times and they would not have beaten last years loyola team.

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If you insist on comparing the MAAC and the AE the only thing I feel should be considered is that the SUNY schools ( new to DI) seemingly have a greater desire and commitment to improve - more so than the Loyola and Rider types.


With NU ready for a break out year and VT and BU already very solid programs I believe the AE has more potential to improve than does the MAAC.


There is more potential for the AE (in conference) to be much more competitive top to bottom than the MAAC which has always been pretty top heavy.

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i still believe that if the first 3 teams in the ae were out of the picture the other 6 would not finish ahead of any of the maac teams except loyola.

that's just my opinion but i usually see more games than most of the posters on other boards and i'm usually pretty good at evaluating teams.

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rdjc - your opinion is appreciated but just remember that it's still YOUR opinion. There is no true answer unless the teams all played each other.


Remember the 3 SUNY schools will all improve(in a short time) due to there commitment and that will jump the AE RPI ratings. Can the same be said about the 200+RPI MAAC Teams what's there excuse?

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there is absolutely no excuse for any maac team to have an rpi over 220.

the reason they do is that they do not schedule a decent out of conference portion of their schedule.

also having loyola in the mix year in and year out is a killer. st petes the last few years has been bad but they have made some big improvements this year.

for some reason the maac teams think that majors should bend over and kiss their rears just to get them on the schedule.

i dont think that there is a single maac team that would consider playing a game without a home game involved.

that's one reason they cant get games against big ten and sec and acc schools.

now u have to bear with me on this but in the last 3 years hasnt ua played ohio state, notre dame and syracuse. course cuse gave them a homer for forth.

i know that binghamton played at north carolina.

iona also played unc but that was in a tourny.

siena this year plays at syracuse and gets a home game next year. then at cuse the following year.

even if u lose those games u help ur rpi. and that is a sore spot with me.

u should not be rewarded for losing.

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there is absolutely no excuse for any maac team to have an rpi over 220.


rdjc - Starting atleast by 04/05 there will be no reason for UA ever to be over 220 again either - that's saying alot since its never ended a season under 300. I think with this recruiting class and the 2 transfers already sitting out we are upward mobile and looking to hit the 100s.

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