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Recruiting - 04/05


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I noticed that one of the posters on the Siena board, who seems to follow local high school athletics suggested that UAlbany had interest in LaSalle's point guard, Taquan Evans. I have seen him play probably half a dozen times over the past two years and he has improved dramatically. I thought he played particularly well in the sectionals (although I didn't see the championship game). I don't consider myself enough of a talent evaluator to know if he projects as a D-1 player. Does anyone have any insight on this?

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With Wilson(3yrs), Iati(4years), Bauman(4yrs starting 04/05), Johnson(4yrs), Cheese(3 yrs I think) and Jordan 2yrs starting 04/05 I don't think Brown will take a point or any guard for next year.


I would expect 2 big types - 6'7" and up - solid 4 men and the best athlete available to UA.

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Dane96 - look on the official UA site the new roster is posted.


Marvin Cheese is a 6' guard originally from St. John the Baptist HS in West Islip Long Island, NY. I believe he was second Team All LI. A "Very Good" student. He drew interest from some Patriot and Ivy League schools coming out of HS. He decided to go to New Mexico Military Institute and left after 1 year and has surfaced as a walk on at UA. He is eligible immediately because he was a qualifier out of HS and has 3 years eligibility.


It's interesting Brown's 2 walk ons are solid players especially for walk ons and both are "Very Good" students.


Hope this helps.

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sam dolan is said to be down to marist and stetson.

i thought albany was in the mix for him. he would be a real sleeper for you.

his stock went down quite a bit this summer for some reason.

6'7 going into his second year at st thomas more.

taquan evans has been elevated to a 2 star level by most of the recruiters.

that is the same level that siena is recruiting at.

evans and iati would be a good 2 some for the dawgs.

martin will be a real good player down the road for you.

iati is a steal. he had a10 schools looking at him. size held him back.

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rdjc - If Iati is healthy and controls the point as expected we should be improved at that position. I loved Oopong but he was tiny, couldn't shoot the 3 well and was a very suspect foul shooter. Iati has unlimited range and is an excellent free throw shooter.


With 2 solid, for walk ons guards Jamar's minutes will be cut back to around 30 and Iati's offensive abilities will make teams pay if they want to cheat to Wilson.


St. Hillaire could be a real important addition to the Danes. He is 6'6" and very athletic something that the Danes have not had up front and rumor has it Wyatt may be healthy!!!!!!!! - we'll have to wait and watch on that one because he has been sick or injured both years at UA.


Add to the mix 6'8" Jamaal Hughes and 6'7" Martin and the Danes may have about 8 or 9 players to use which is much better than the 5 they have had over the past couple of years.


04/05 we'll have 14 players capable of being used in game situations and will be very, very competitive.

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if your walk ons are anything then you will have to find scholarships for them.

it is rare that a walk on contributes except in practice. if you do get a rarity you will have to use a scholarship there. call it pride.

jordan's last year is probably going to be your turning point year. from then on all your scholarship players will be true division 1 quality players.

you will notice the difference in the athletic ability and size.

i think iati and martin added to last years frosh will give u a taste of what i mean.

dont lose ur enthusiasm if u dont turn the corner this year. u guys are still the new kids on the block.

ur turn will come.

and i am getting tired of going to an empty gym to watch the games.

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Prof I disagree Sam is a banger and a wide body. You can't recruit 13 all-stars you need role players and I mean D1 role players. Sam does the dirty work, rebound, bang set screens etc. I’ve seen Sam play several times at the AAU level and he can hold his own against top players. I don't think Sam would be a 20ppg scorer at Ualb but I do feel he'd be a very effective player in the AE. Sam did have a poor summer that has hurt his recruitment. he could be a sleeper, plus it always helps attendance having local kids on the roster

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You do need role players. However, Albany needs as much talent infusion as possible. Sam was awful this summer. He went scoreless on numerous occasions!


Also, not to start an argument. Manhattan will be by far the best team in the MAAC this year. Vermont, BU, and Northeastern could beat any team in the MAAC including Manhattan.


Vermont has it's entire team back and 2002 AE Player of the Year T.J. Sorrentine returning. He sat out last year due to injury and they still went to the tourney. BU won the AE regular season and beat Florida State last year and lost at Arizona by 12. Northeastern has 3 All America East 3rd teamers back. They add Miami, FL transfer Marcus BArnes who averaged 12ppg as a soph in the Big East and made the All Big East Conference Tournamet team after scoring 31 on UCONN. Also, pg Jose Juan Barea made the Junior World Championships All World Team(5 best players) for Puerto Rico. He had 35 on the U.S.A.


From top to bottom the MAAC is better. More depth without question. The top 3 in the AE can win the MAAC. Manhattan is tough though!

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Dolan did have a poor summer , I still think he would be a decent player for Albany, he is a D1 player although I agree he won’t be a star, like I said he can do the little things, not to mention playing for St Thomas Moore his adjustment to D1 will be minimal


And no need to argue boards are for discussing topics, I agree Manhattan is the best team in the MAAC. I also agree generally the top teams in the AE are as good as the top of the MAAC, but not this year, not even close Manhattan is a top 40 team this year. Siena and Niagara are probably better than any teams in the AE although I agree it might be close. Lets remember Manhattan was worlds better than any AE team last year and Niagara and Siena were both better than any AE team in fact Iona was probably better than Vermont. I can’t believe you think they are any good; Vermont would finish 4th or 5th in the MAAC. The only AE team with talent last year was BU .


I think Albany can be competitive in the AE next year and maybe even compete for the title in 2005

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The Jaspers should go undefeated in the MAAC but they won't. Always lose one on the road. Niagara has no depth and Siena always loses a few that they shouldn't.


BU was the best team without question. They beat Florida St., lost to Stanford on the road by 2 and should have won the game, and lost by 12 at Arizona. They lost by 4 at St. John's in the N.I.T. They can beat any MAAC team including Manhattan.


Vermont will now have back to back AE Players of the Year in the line-up this year. If you don't think they can beat Manhattan then fine. They definitely can beat Siena and Niagara.


Northeastern will have the most talent in the AE this year. Remember, they beat Boston College last year. They can beat Siena, Manhattan, and Niagara. They can play with Manhattan because they have athletes!


Not taking anything away from Manhattan! However, Siena and Niagara would be in the Top 5 in the AE but not even a close to a sure bet to win it!

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