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Two stories about prospects

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You are exactly right but atleast The Danes are making an attempt to land Mid to High Major Talent.


As I was told along time ago "if you throw enough cr*p against the wall something will stick."


Recruiting is like LOTTO "you gotta be in it to win it"!!!!!!  - Patch
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Even if you know you're not going to get a kid, at least getting him to mention you or have your name mentioned among the interested along with the big boys can make an impact.


Whereas people in the know might realize that you have no shot, those players who are borderline might see that as a positive that you're involved with high-level talent, and their parents and other general fans will as well.


I've always said it would be good publicity (and by the way I've said this mostly to myself now that I think about it) for the high-major schools to get the NBA-bound high school stars to at least mention them or say they would have gone there if they weren't going pro.


Kobe Bryant essentially saying he would have gone to Duke and the subsequent courting of Coach K does wonders for them (although they don't need it) in terms of credibility. Was he really going to go there? Who knows, but that is what he says.


This clearly isn't on the same level, but it's the same principal. If someone chooses Arizona State and an article says they chose them over School B, C, D and UAlbany ... that's overall a good thing.

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If someone chooses Arizona State and an article says they chose them over School B, C, D and UAlbany ... that's overall a good thing. - DF2k3


If you are in with enough of these kids someday one may fall in your lap and then you have a special player for 4 years.


I am interested in how Jamar Wilson plays this season as he may be one of those special players that we signed very early or we never would have had.


After Albany head coach Scott Beeten was fired during the winter, Wilson, who had signed a letter of intent with the America East program, waited to see how the coaching situation would pan out. When top assistant Will Brown got the nod, Wilson decided to stick with Albany.


That's not to say other, higher profile programs wouldn't have cast their hat in the ring had he obtained a release from his letter of intent. Programs like Texas, Marquette, Providence, Seton Hall, Appalachian St., and Hampton all kept tabs on Wilson's status. - Rivals

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Agree with DaneFan2K3's take that it's good to have your name associated with a guy like Tchana. I doubt Brown and staff did it for that reason. When they offered it looked like Tchana might have the A10 as his high end of offers. It looks like now that he may well go above that.


One of the thing this staff is creditied with is sticking to recruits. There are alot of things that can happen even if a guy is offered higher. Look at Brian Lillis who was offered by Drake but then the coach was fired. Also, how many times do you see a guy leave his home area to go higher and then transfer back closer to home. Alot of those times he'll go to schools that were recruiting him initially.


I'm not saying any of these things will happen with Tchana but it's good to take a shot once in a while. Especially now we're not just recruiting to have enough warm bodies on the floor.

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