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  1. Men’s NIT

    LOL, yes I think MTS definitely played with a “chip on their shoulder” — especially in the 2nd & 3rd quarters where they outscored the Catamounts 57-21! Giddy Potts is one heck of a three point shooter.
  2. Men’s NIT

    Sorry, Click and Alum73 — I’m still fairly new to the Board and somehow I inadvertently quoted your posts from the Board Down topic area #rookiemistake -
  3. Board Down

    I’d also be happy to contribute some $$ towards the cost of the board, if needed.
  4. Men’s NIT

    It's a shared medium...I'd be willing to throw in a few shekels to run this place. Vermont #6 plays Middle Tennessee #3 in the opening round of the NIT at 8:00 p.m. this evening. Game is on ESPNU. Heres a link to the NIT bracket https://i.turner.ncaa.com/sites/default/files/external/gametool/brackets/basketball_men_nit_2018.pdf
  5. Poll Question

  6. 2017-18 Season

    Do you really think cutting prices in half would double attendance?Cutting them by 75% would quadruple attendance? The program is not a money maker as it is. We all want this amenity and that amenity, but also think it's too expensive? They need to do everything in their power to build a fanbase... Sell out building regularly then start raising prices to maximize profits. They are doing the opposite... Jacking prices and mandatory donations to buy season tickets... Instead of growing the fanbase and then wonder why people feel priced out. Marketing 101.
  7. Exactly. Our guys gave it their best. The more athletic team won. Had the refs not been so bad and our shooting not sub-40%, we would have won notwithstanding SB's athleticism. I thought that SB played an excellent perimeter defense tonight, which significantly contributed to our poor shooting — we didn’t get many quality/open looks. Even the threes we made — they had a hand in our face.
  8. Looking around SEFCU, I felt it was a decent crowd also — I thought around 2800.
  9. Senior Class

    Greig is a great kid he worked his butt off these past four years and developed into a very nice player very happy for him.
  10. I thought Foster stepped-up In Charles’ absence and played a very solid game.
  11. Kiss of Death — too funny! Looking forward to another great game between the Catamonunts & Great Danes tomorrow evening — hopefully, we win this one.
  12. excellent question and excellent point. Still doesn’t make good business sense to me. You want to build your fan base and would reap more profit by getting new folks to return, than by chasing potential new fans away through gouging them $10 for parking. #Business101
  13. Unfortunately, it’s stupid decisions like this that discourage a potential new fan from attending more UA games. We have a golden opportunity to perhaps hook some new fans, and the administration chooses to gouge them. I went to the Siena - Manhattan game at the TU Center last evening, and they only charged $8.00 in the commercial parking garage right next to the arena. Didn’t think that was too bad for downtown Albany. Just my opinion, but it’s a bad business decision to gouge a potential new fan $10 for on campus parking.
  14. Great energy thus far, from both the team and the fans. #GoDanes