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  1. it's fun seeing you guys trying to be civil with Siena Tony so awkward yet humorous
  2. I can't for the life of me understand how anyone can think ua's campus is the most "tiny" or "unsightly" campus in any survey group. I hate the princeton review. We should do an "unscientific survey" of magazines and give princton review rankings.
  3. Spitzer doesn't give a squared deuce about improving SUNY, or anything for that matter. The only reason he'll even get a second term as governor is the New York way of 1) the ruling party having complete faith in their incumbents, no matter how crappy of a job they're doing and 2) if the GOP is on the outside looking in, dawdle SUNY-style until 6 months before the election before naming a candidate and underfund him while the opposition has gotten an obscene jump start on funding and name recognition. Can we borrow Sonny Purdue to fix our state? Or could any Nutmeggers reading this lend us
  4. Just had a conversation with Roberts. He said he was simply trying to make the point that UAlbany needs to get better. As many of you know, I'm the first one to offer constructive criticism but I thought he was way off line. Perhaps if professors like Roberts were more engaging, students would be more inspired to read (his biggest problem is that his students simply aren't interested) I'd rather UAlbany be ranked number 1 party school than have its own professors calling its graduates semi-literate.
  5. Same Gary Jones he transferred from union and played tailback He got so dominating owards the end of his senior year that Bob Ford took to calling him "all-world" gary jones every time he began to talk about him
  6. I Love the University of New York. OR UNY! (you-nee) no more being confused with Albany, GA I sorta feel cheap considering NYU already exists. But what the hell. They're not the onese who have to host grumpy politicians from all over the state.
  7. Yup yup Gary Jones wins it by a distance
  8. We'll have plenty of time duing a long offseason to discuss what went wrong and how the program can move forward. Right now, we should take a moment and thank the seniors....especially Jamar (25 points, 50% shooting in ncaa tournament. what more could you ask for). I still very much believe in this program. Mostly, I'm thankful I got to see Jamar lead this group for the past 5 years.
  9. A lot around here have you guys upsetting us. Should be interesting. If UVA doesn't bring its A game, we don't stand a chance. I've heard from a couple UVA fans today who feel they have a point to make here. They feel they have been so disrespected in their league for such a long time, and long-time fans miss the celebrity the team had in the 1980's when Ralph Sampson among others ruled the conference. The battle lines for respect seem to be drawn. Nah...been so long since we got any respect that we'd hardly know what to do with it if we get some. For that matter, we really d
  10. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...7031301871.html nothing like some national exposure.....
  11. Perhaps starting a new thread isn't the best way to NOT talk about them. haha thanks bosiydid i was hoping no one would catch on to the irony!
  12. I have a proposition: Can we not talk about Loudinville and everything assosciated with the the one sport school until our run in the Tourny is over? I'm really sick of hearing about that Aints. I really am. Let's ignore them for the next few days. I think sometimes we lose sight of how long our current basketball success has been in the making. The only thing we should be concerned with is celebrating this team and all they've done and continue to do this year.
  13. Too bad they refer to Jamar as a junior. Because looking at the Albany roster card before filing the story would've been so hard.....
  14. i'm not sure i'm ready for a coherent analysis this soon after the game In many ways, this was sweeter than last year's victory! Amazing Job by Wil Brown Great job on D guys I'm so proud of this group
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