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  1. I read an article on this 7'3 guy over the summer. Apparently he's supposed to be one of the best recruits in recent UConn history. We'll have to see, but as someone who's never been much of a UConn fan, I'm afraid we might be in for another one of those annoying UConn runs.
  2. I disagree with the premise of this post. But I'm completely unbiased.
  3. No, my reading comprehension skills are just fine. I undestood every word of your post. What you are missing, however, is that there is no difference between a kid who is on scholarship or free-aid who may or may not have committed a crime and those kids who are on athletic scholarships. The ONLY DIFFERENCE...comes to those reporting the issue. In the end...a crime is a crime...no matter who commits it. Oversensalization, e.g. DUKE, is perpetuated by those who need to tell a story. Interestingly enough, I found the TU stories to be ok (and I usually bash them). In fact, I found enough in there to steer me from making ANY JUDGMENT! I have serious questions for both the victim and the players (for starters, what on earth were these two boys thinking having sex with a drunk girl...both of them at the same time....and for the girl, how on earth can she remember such vivid details of the event if she kept passing out and waking up. She says she passed out on the couch and then woke up...why didnt she attempt to leave (maybe she did but the article does not say that). Again, that is what the court system is for!!! Right now...the players only poor judgment is that both men had sex with one girl who was drinking. Do we know if it is rape or not? Not yet...that is for the trier of fact. Unfortunately, the media and message boards feel like they are the trier of fact, which is certainly not the case. Again, if the media wants to talk about all sexual assault cases on college campuses...fine...so be it. But you cannot talk about football players who have been accused (and mind you, they are in jail JUST BASED ON THE WORD OF AV...rape kits do not give any kind of DNA evidence in 12 hours...that is not the speed at which these things work)...without talking about the other assaults. A RAPE IS A RAPE...no matter who has perpetuated the attack. Just because you play college football...doesnt make you different than the other kids on campus who are receiving rides....period. That being said, Doc Sauers once cautioned to do everything possible to keep yourself out of the media eye if you are an athlete....dont give them anything to write about. This, I can agree with you and Doc on. However, the boys, as of now, are guilty of poor judgment. If you, or anyone in the media or on boards, sensationalized every act of poor judgment by college kids (athetes and non-athletes) we would be reading for years...... ASP GUY--- I pose this question: Why on earth would you want to know about a football player committing a crime, opposed to another person in the Albany community committing the crime? How do the acts differ, unless your alterior motive is: WE WANT FOOTBALLERS TO PAY...and WE DONT CARE ABOUT THE REST. Dont you think ALL SUSPECTED RAPES ARE IMPORTANT FOR THE COMMUNITY TO KNOW ABOUT...if it is the community you wish to protect? 16871[/snapback] You're right. All rapes happening on college campuses should be written about. And if they're not, that's a shame. But you're being disingenuous. Don't try to lump me in with people who are anti-UAlbnay football just because I think that when football players recieve extra attention for positive things, they should also recieve extra attention for negative things. And for the record, I not only believe it's okay for these guys to get a free ride, I think UAlbany should offer full scholarships to the entire roster (I have a theory about how that helps the University's other parts in the long run, but that's for another day)
  4. I only say what I say because when I was in college, I think i missed something like 2 home games for the football team and consider bob ford one of the classiest guys I've ever talked to over a period of time. So it's a little disapointing when something like this happens. Not that it wouldn't be bad if a member of Hillel or something allegedly committed a rape. But this just bothers me a little more because of how closely I've followed this team and what it represents about an otherwise low profile school.
  5. Dane 96, I think you missed the point of my post: the fact that the added exposure comes with the celebrity of being on the football team. Let's face it, pigskin is a pretty big deal. So when a football player (allegedly) does something like this, we want to know about it. You can't compare it to regular students getting scholarships. I don't remember the last time the TU wrote about a presidential scholar gettting a 4.0. You know why? Because we just don't care. We can pretend like the kids being football players is irrelavent. But that would just be wrong. The fact is: these players wear UAlbany jerseys. Other students don't represent us on nearly the same scale as they do.
  6. Obviously, they should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, as with all cases. But I don't think we should act like the fact that it's 2 football players is irrelavent. With appologies to some posters, I don't think you can say "well we wouldn't have cared if it was the chess team" and move on. The fact is: the chess team does not make the backpages of newspapers, chess players do not recieve free rides to universities or play on television or perform in front of packed stadiums, etc... The point is, the increased attention (and with it, the constant mention of the fact that they were members of the football team) comes with the celebrity of being a high profile part of the student body. Again, for all we know these kids could be innocent (or complete dirt bags who raped a drunk girl - take your pick), but it's a bad day for those of us who support football at UAlbany.
  7. yes!!! i'm not that newest poster anymore! on a serious note, I do believer more students are starting to go to the game. I think you'll see basketball's success rub off on other sports. i think part of the reason why more student groups don't come is (from my experience) most student groups are abseloutely apathetic about sports (and much else for that matter). I don't see why the student goverment there, which gets like a million dollars in its budget can't do more to bring kids to the game. It would only benefit the school.
  8. Super win! Been following this team for a while now and this is clearly the biggest win (not just in terms of rankings) Good for Ford! Now, hopefully they can sell out at home for the rest of the way. At least one can hope...
  9. They play on Sunday November 26th as of right now the time isn't posted neither is the location my guess would be Gumpel the on campus facility 16024[/snapback] Thanks for the info! I bet there'll be a nice turnout for the Danes. UConn fans tend to have a reputation of being fickle and I know a ton of people (from UA's side) who are waiting for the rematch
  10. sorry if this has already been answered...but does anyone know when they're playing in stores? and how we can go about getting tix to that game?
  11. According to this survey, there are sever regional teams that we are already better than. Rutgers, Seton Hall, Providence, Siena, and Rober Morris. Albany could've been considered better than Siena and Rober Morris but it's only after last year that we're even being mentioned in the same paragraph as the big east schools. I remember having a conversation with will brown about a real good recruit name johnny garcia (who ended up going to nova). basically brown said that he couldn't even approach garcia about playing in albany since he'd rather talk to big east schools like st. john's... I bet if he wanted to go after this kid today, he'd have a very decent shot (he'd probably still not go to UA but at least they'd be competitive with the more known big east schools) Of course, if they could repeat last year's performance...then we can really start talking about fighting with the big east schools over local recruits.
  12. im glad i'm the only one who checks this thing every day lol i was starting to feel silly there for a moment... it's weird, it's like you want them to come up already, just to get it over with, but at the same time it's nice that they haven't popped up yet.
  13. Ahh apparently we're better than Kent State (didn't see that one coming) I'll take it
  14. If UA's still on the list, we're ranked ahead of two teams that made the Tourney last year (SetonHall & Oral Roberts). That pretty much speaks for itself. I think the thing that separates us from most - if not all - of the teams listed so far is the fact that we're returning almost all of our good players from last year. With Miami losing Gulliermo Diaz and Seton Hall losing, well, pretty much everyone, I can completely see why you'd rank Albany over them. It's also pretty cool to be ranked ahead of Providence and Wake Forest (Despite Wake's recent general crapiness)
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