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  1. I won't even get into the rest but if you think Healy is the same offensive player that's insane to me. He's 100% added moves to free himself up with ball in hand from both inside the arc and outside the arc. His handle is still a work in progress, but is much improved as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Podcast featuring Coach Pelletier touching on coaching experiences, life lessons, relationship with players and a bunch of other topics. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/coaches-coffee/id1370032659?i=1000449477023
  3. haha watching the Saratoga/West highlights his game tying bucket where he stands over the defender feels like an automatic T these days if it wasn't done with no time on the clock. Shocked/some props to the ref for not calling it.
  4. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cbb-central/id1434086949#episodeGuid=http%3A%2F%2Fcbbcentral.com%2F%3Fp%3D9744 Touched on Canada trip, his past, AE past, Australia recruiting, current roster/season.
  5. Is the replay posted on their site?
  6. I win if Virginia wins but I'm starting to think Texas Tech takes it down Monday night
  7. Odds on that are probably around +1100 if you go by what the analytics sites think about each game and parlay the 4 wins.
  8. Think we are getting to this point with Lulka, but you gotta remember for most of this season so far every single time we'd throw it down to a big it'd clang right off their hands. Bigs are definitely starting to improve to a point where we can get back to a more normal offense for us, but the current one of perimeter/shoot threes seems to me to be a product of the big man issues we had the first half of the season.
  9. For sure, I have written down somewhere of what games I thought would be wins, which games I thought were toss ups and which games I thought would be losses in OOC from before the season started. If I can find it I'll type it up on here and explain.
  10. Yeah I've always been a big fan of breaking down the games by quarters (which KenpPom displays well) or stretches between media timeouts. Was a problem for last year's team also. Honestly it happens to almost every team, you just have to be good enough around those stretches to overcome it and do your best to prevent that stretch from determining the whole game. Team is young, team is talented. They'll be fine. I get anyone who is upset because when you invest your money and more importantly your time in something you deserve to have an opinion whether it's positive or negative. Ju
  11. I get no one wants to hear it, but winning makes everything seem great and losing makes it seem like everything is falling apart. If we beat Providence last night everyone is jumping for joy and this team would still have the same exact problems it did going into the game.
  12. We're not good, but I just don't know what people expect out of this group right now. We all knew the situation coming into the year. Most of these games haven't been fun to watch, but let's not go off the rails. If it's a lost year that absolutely sucks as a fan, but it happens. It's not like we're a team full of upperclassmen like Binghamton last year. There have been multiple halves of basketball that were absolutely brutal to watch, but that's what happens with a roster like this.
  13. It just depends on what type of improvement you're expecting. We should improve every practice and every game, but so is every other team out there and almost every single one will have more experienced rosters. To me it's like any skill, the more you do it the better you get, but new issues always appear along the way. One day after you've put a ton of work into it it either clicks for you or it doesn't. Hopefully it comes together for us this year.
  14. Not really, but I didn't expect us to be. I know people are worked up over that ugly second half tonight, but that's whatever to me...second half of the Dartmouth game at home hurt more than this one for me. We have guys who just haven't played at this level enough yet and we're adding in even more pieces that are young and behind schedule with injuries. I don't expect it to be pretty until it clicks and the players get some confidence, maybe doesn't even happen at all this year. The team is talented and seems to trust each other, but I don't even know if most of the players trust themselves a
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