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  1. What about going for a good international head coach that wants to make a splash in the NCAA for a few years before getting a higher conference job? I'm not sure how much international coaches make, but I'm betting you could attract one from a decent league with ambition. The Albany job has a lot going for it for the right person, even if it's a pay cut. Top 60 media market in the country, relatively easy path the a NCAA tournament, and a clear rebuild case of a team that went to three straight not all that long ago. Some quick success could propel to a higher job quickly. Getting someone a hi
  2. The one I am most worried about leaving is Amica. Kid has a wheels and in the few minutes we saw him play he was as advertised. I listened to an interview with him last year at this time and he stated 2 reasons for coming here: he saw an instant path to PT with Clark leaving being 1, and the other was Brown being here for so long. Injuries derailed #1 and now Brown is gone.
  3. We can keep debating all we want, but its now done with no real chance of being reversed. What Will did was prove that we can bring in high quality student athletes, perform at a high level and make it to the NCAA tournament. He made Albany a destination for players that could go higher, but wanted to play right away and be part of something growing. He made players that were underrecruited feel good and want to come here to prove they could have made it elsewhere. He showed it could be done at UAlbany. The UA job should be an attractive one (outside of budget issues, NYS problems,
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaab/2019/10/24/patrick-beilein-steps-down-niagara-head-coach/4083840002/ Don't quote me because I didn't dig beyond the initial search for any article, but I believe the "personal reasons" involved sexual harassment of a female coach, or it may have been cheating on his wife with a coworker. Something like that. I'll edit this comment if I find the right article about it. The news happened right after the LCC faithful were pushing for him to take that job after Fatsos left. Edit: Info is hard to find, but there is this: https://twitter.c
  5. We could blame the school, but the administration that hired Benson to make that transition isn't there anymore, so I can only blame Benson. I'd love to see us climb the ladder, do well in the CAA and keep a nationally ranked football team. I have great season tickets in the stadium. That said: I put the name recognition and help to a Universities national reputation of doing well at FCS Football somewhere between Division 2 and Division 3 basketball. Most people do not consider FCS football as D1 football. It is what it is. Becoming a CAA Football powerhouse means jacks&i7 on nation
  6. Always great to get fired on the day the local news broadcasts a special about a prestigious national award you won for your community involvement and work on cancer. Great Job Benson and UA. I am a Brown supporter, and I wanted him renewed a thousand times before we keep Benson at the helm to keep pushing us into being a "football school." Does the department know that they will never become a football school in the Northeast? It's impossible. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Capital Region people are sports snobs. They will never fully support a program at the FCS leve
  7. A couple players could have received awards if given a normal full season. This team could surprise in the playoffs. They could play like last Sat and lose to anyone, or play like we've seen them play against several teams and make a run
  8. Each of the last 5-6 seasons us as fans have started the season with high hopes. This year we are more athletic. This year we have these great transfers. This year we return all 5 starters. This year we.... I really dont think it's recruiting. I don't think it's the players. I don't think it's Brown because most players say nothing but great things about him and the environment. The ones that don't weren't playing and transferred down (I include a transfer to Hartford as a transfer down). To me it's the offensive and defensive system that Brown has been using. I'm not sure it matches
  9. That would be a crime if it happened. It's not like the AE has a runaway leader this year. Throw in the fact that we have the uneven schedule with the top teams getting wins against the bottom of the conference that other teams didn't get to play.
  10. Well that kind of sucks... Was hoping to get a few wins there. I mean I guess as long as the team makes the playoffs it doesn't matter, but seeding when other teams got to play them twice blows.
  11. Watched it. Sluggish from the time off. Too much one on one game. I love attacking the basket, but you have to make foul shots and you need to use the drive to open others up. Drive with no threat of kick out equals shots being blocked.
  12. AE Playoff / Championship format announced... https://americaeast.com/news/2021/1/28/2021-AEHoops-Champs.aspx
  13. Hope you are right, but we heard that before when we had a 5 freshman starting line up on the men's side. That hasn't turned out well recently. There is still time for that group (minus De Sousa) but so far health has limited that core.
  14. Up 20+ with 5 minutes left. I hope Brown can give more than 90 seconds of PT to a bunch of guys expected to contribute this year. JoJo? Shafer? Hank?
  15. Still healing from recurring back issues. Plan was to get 20 minutes of PT this weekend.
  16. Last Up: L vs. UNHNext Up: vs UNH 7-5 (6-3 AE) (2-0 vs. SBU)Time/Date: 1/23/21 @ 2:00PMTV/Streaming: ESPN3Local Radio: ESPN Radio 104.5 FM Had a chance to take yesterday's game after one of the most pathetic shooting displays I have ever seen. Despite comments on this board, the D was pretty good with the exception of rebounding. Can't win if you can't put the ball in the basket.
  17. I was gonna stop posting for a bit, but I was quoted directly.... Registered Libertarian. Further right than the right on many issues, further left than the left on other issues. The entire platform is based on individual liberty. I get the fun position of being able to agree and disagree with people on both sides about 50% of the time. Great for being a troll or a friend depending on the topic. That said, standing for free speech at all times is the key piece here. I've been pretty clear that my extreme distaste at Jimbo's post was because he said their use of kneeling caused him to
  18. Everyones opinion matters. You are free to share. Agree or disagree. I just can't stay silent when someone threatens to cut off support for our university and student athletes because they used their 1st amendment right in the most respectful way possible. Honoring our country and our military veterans while showing the need to improve equality .... on MLK weekend. So I'm gonna attempt to stop posting for a while myself. That said, I do approve of you deleting the app. Don't care if I get banned for saying it, but this opinion of yours, while you are free to make it, is offensive to many
  19. I'm not triggered. I'm not a democrat or a snowflake. I am passionate about supporting UA and our student athletes. If I was triggered by anything it was that someone would publicly state that they would cease to support the school and program because our players used their first amendment rights on MLK weekend. I've already apologized for making the leap to assuming the support of the storming of the capital and armed violent protests supposedly happening today and Wednesday. That was wrong. For the record, I haven't seen the photo that the comment was made over. I have no clue if
  20. Yes, it was an emotional leap for me to suggest he supported the storming of the capital. I apologise for that. That said, the people that did that are also the people that complain about kneeling. Supporting kneeling or BLM definitely does not mean supporting any violent protests, even if 93%+ of all protests did not include any violence, some wackos did go crazy. That should be condemned as well. For the record, I am not left wing, I didn't vote for or support Biden.
  21. Our great military members fought and died for our rights to to speak up and be heard. They deserve all the respect in the world. Kneeling is a sign of respect. If the players were disrespectful and made poor hand gestures to the flag, then I would agree. Punish them for it. Don't donate. Whatever you want. Kneeling is the respectful way to show your feelings. Never did I say if you don't like it, get out. You are free to say your feelings. Freedom of speech only protects you from government restrictions, it doesn't protect you from private actions. Make whatever choice you want, but I'm
  22. So... Players utilizing their first amendment right to show support for the oppressed people of the country over Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend makes you decide to go stop supporting the team and being part of the GDAC program? You know that kneeling is a sign of respect right? Go Bing yourself. The team doesn't want or need your support anyway. Wish this site didn't autocorrect that word to Bing. It reads GO F - U - C - K YOURSELF. You are probably a Trump supporter that thinks it's perfect acceptable to storm the capital though.
  23. He is playing like a D1 player this year. He may not be an all-conference player, but he is hard nosed, seems like a great teammate and is a good role model / member of the community. Proud to have him in the program.
  24. Nevermind. I guess I see now that its on NBCSN. Now I gotta figure out if that's on cable or if it's streaming only.
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