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  1. I haven't seen either of those dates listed anywhere I felt was official, but I did put those in the expected games.
  2. Confirmed OOC schedule so far: 11/12 @ Siena (Albany Cup/MVP Arena/Neutral Site) 11/17 @ St Joes 11/21 and 11/22 @ Sunshine Slam in Daytona Beach (Ocean Bracket) Teams in our bracket are Presbyterian, Austin Peay, and Bucknell 12/10 @ Providence 12/28 @ Virginia Potential Games: Road Games (Return from last seasons home games): @Towson, @Harvard, @Columbia, @Niagara Home Games (Return from last seasons road games): La Salle, Yale, Lehigh No idea if the above were home and home contracts, but they make sense. I am doubting that any of the other games from last years Kentucky/Kansas trip will have return games, but of course they could. If all of the above happen, that is 13 OOC games (Counts as 12 for game limits because of the MTE). With a 16 game conference schedule this year, I am guessing there is only 1 or 2 more games left to announce. With the SEFCU construction I would guess that 1 will be a road game and 1 would be a home game. Having only 3 or 4 OOC home games is probably about right this year. Enough to play a few home events on a strange court, but more importantly it gives additional ability to pack a home schedule the following year for the renovated arena.
  3. You are probably right, but I put it in the media day thread as I was supposed to add a comment to the links about how it is interesting that this move happened after media day, then point out the articles about how great their recruiting is and how they might be a CAA powerhouse right away - but I hit submit reply before I added the comments.
  4. https://nuhuskies.com/news/2022/8/3/athletics-campbell-university-accepts-invitation-to-join-caa-in-2023.aspx https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/33323417/how-campbell-small-fcs-school-north-carolina-competing-deion-sanders-fbs-teams https://footballscoop.com/news/recruiting-nfl-mike-minter-deion-sanders-coach-prime-campbell-camels Edited to add context: Interesting that they announced this after media day. I guess they figured they didn't want to take away any excitement from this coming season and didn't want any reporters focusing on this change. Either way, a quick google search will show how they are doing with recruitment. Getting lots of kids that would normally go FBS and with that they have the top ranked FCS recruiting class this year. They will probably contend in the CAA on day 1 next season.
  5. After the figure out where to play, then you gotta figure out how to deal with season tickets....
  6. Can't blame Tibbs for taking an opportunity at ND! Regardless of what may have happened with other coaches and the past, I am thinking that jumping at that opportunity is a no brainer.
  7. Albany Attendance in the D1 Era 2000 - 1,290 2001 - 1,148 2002 - 1,649 2003 - 1,168 2004 - 1,193 2005 - 1,945 2006 - 2,541 2007 - 3,175 2008 - 3,031 2009 - 2,826 2010 - 2,646 2011 - 2,163 2012 - 2,480 2013 - 2,924 2014 - 2,656 2015 - 3,390 2016 - 3,160 2017 - 2,654 2018 - 2,474 2019 - 2,105 2020 - 2,162 2021 - COVID 2022 -
  8. I still have delusional hopes of needing more seating, not less, but if the entire place is chairbacks then that's a good thing. I'd rather have a full loud arena then the empty echo chamber. Didnt the team average over 4k fans 2014-15?
  9. I saw an email about the coaching staff being filled out that no one posted here, but I bet he would make a great coach somewhere with the experience he has over the last 2 decades.
  10. Classy move to connect to the old and for Jamar to embrace it. I don't know if DK and WB have any type of relationship, but with Brown local I'd love to see them have a relationship as well.
  11. Still on the fence about renewing my tickets. I'm not a football fan, but I have 4 of the greatest seats in the stadium. I only make it to a few games a year and treated them as a donation. It just feels bad when I can't even give my tickets away because no one wants them. Continuing to lose makes it even harder.
  12. This year Topps put out a set called Bowman U with college players in it... https://www.cardboardconnection.com/2021-22-bowman-university-basketball-cards It got me thinking.... are there any UA players that have had a basketball card? Being a sports card geek for many many years if like to add them to my collection. Along the same lines, Bowman put out a football set as well this year. I have a collection of local baseball players with Kahnle, Anderson, Hoffman, Whitley. And I've picked up some cards from the last few seasons of Prizm draft basketball that had some AE guys on the checklist - Warney and Lamb. I'd love to see some UA guys. If the school allows it, it might be another way to get our guys some NIL money.
  13. If they are going to play at random gyms for the games, how are they going to do season tickets?
  14. Voted. UA of course. That said, I like the Miami colors and Uni. Looks pretty sharp.
  15. From potential conference affiliation changes to the entire NCAA turning upside down to who knows how long DK will call Albany home there are so many items that can change. That said, I absolutely love creating a stronger connection to the local schools beyond Albany Academy. There is some great basketball talent in the area and getting involved in Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga, and other areas can really help the program and the local scene in general. Local kids have clear development paths, connections with all the schools to hopefully put more butts in the seats. I like it.
  16. Offered 3 local kids in the last few days including, which as far as I can see, is this first offer for 2026 Wooten and Mayben are from Troy and Odutayo is Albany (CBA). From Verbal Commits: 5/19/2022 - 2026 PG Imahri Wooten (6-4, -, 2★) has received an offer from Albany. 5/18/2022 - 2024 SF Oreoluwapo Odutayo (6-6, 170, 2★) has received an offer from Albany. 5/18/2022 - 2025 PG Si Mayben (5-10, 155, 2★) has received an offer from Albany.
  17. That's a pretty strongly worded article calling for the dismissal of a college president in the Washington Post. I'm surprised it was published.
  18. Randall committed to a D3 school. Amherst maybe? I forget which. I was looking to see what was out there for size and checked him out. According to the TU last week, Jackson is in fact a PWO even though he signed so that puts the team at 13 ships and a preferred walk-on. Class complete. Only additions will be walk-ons or it means someone else is leaving without the portal.
  19. Glens Falls is a great spot for a basketball game, but unless the only games played there would be on a Saturday it would absolutely suck. I'm not driving an hour each way for a weeknight game.
  20. Looks like November 12 for the Albany Cup vs. Siena at MVP Arena.
  21. Interesting group of suitors... https://twitter.com/HoopScoopMedia/status/1514388362676736000?t=51oEUA4sPhj74sPeZTHAtw&s=19
  22. Not a lot available about him, but looks like he played well when he was in and was very strong at the end of the season. Could be a good get? This team needed to score more and from what Twitter shows he could get them in bunches. Was all academic team in the Ivy. There are definitely a bunch of strong academic kids on the roster and that's great to see. I don't know what that tweet was about, but there are a couple of mentions of him during the Ivy Tournament of people becoming fans. I didn't watch that game. Probably should. Anyway... Didn't think there were any scholarships left? Either there are some exceptions with the COVID extensions or someone else may have left the team? Maybe someone graduated and isn't returning or someone left without entering the portal?
  23. I haven't been following LAX, as I am definitely a fair weather fan of the sport at best, but what happened here? A decade at the top of the league, top 10 or top 25 rankings, with legitimate shots at a national championship then dropping to middle of the AE, and not making the tournament a few years in a row? Did the league get better? Did other big conference schools jumping into the Lax world hurt? I'm curious if these last 2 down years are the new normal or if it's just a bump in the road?
  24. Figured out who I was missing.... Didnt we just sign Jaoannah Kellogg as well. That would put the team at 13 unless Jackson is in fact still a PWO. That's why I thought that this means 13 and nothing left for Horton.... unless there is still COVID things in place that allow the team more than 13.
  25. I could swear I counted 13, but I guess I'm wrong. 1 ship left for either Horton or another recruit. Senior: (1) Davis Junior: (3) Hutcheson, Drumgoole, Shafer Soph: (6) Amica, Eadman, Little, Reddish, Neely, Ketner Fresh: (2) Jackson, Beagle
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