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  1. Albany was in a ten man ride. i didn't see who JD was covering, but when the maryland long pole was running clear and getting closer to midfield you would have thought JD would have started to go back towards the cage. Wing play has been a part to work on all year long.
  2. Have to find a way to win the big time games. Two areas of weakness against the big boys continues to be wing play and 3rd attack and unfortunately JD couldn't come up with big saves on the 10-15 yard shot, but most of them were wide open looks. I bet 4-5 of Maryland's goals came off of silly turnovers.
  3. Some unnecessary slides giving Maryland some good looks.
  4. Lax Vegas Lines has the Danes as 2 1/2 point home dogs today. Let's go!
  5. Based upon Marquette last year if Albany were to drop a close one to Maryland, and then run the table they could get the #8 because the committee follows the RPI for the seeds but then all bets are off, but agree the road to hosting a first round game starts Wednesday at 4pm. You know Cuse is going to host a game and hope they keep the number one seed so they get the winner of the play in game. Hope the boys their legs back after a flat showing on Saturday.
  6. Pretty flat performance and JD has been trending in the wrong direction.
  7. I am pretty sure the NCAA allows 17 official play dates each season which counts fall ball and pre season scrimmages. So in Albany's case the scrimmage at Hopkins counts as one, and the scrimmages against Colgate and Princeton allow the Danes to play 14 regular season games. IIRC Notre Dame had a lot more fall and preseason activities which limited how many regular season games they could schedule. Because of this built in RPI advantage of being in the ACC Notre Dame doesn't need to play as robust of a schedule and I believe I heard Corrigan say he felt it would keep them fresher come tournament time. I am always surprised rhar Albany and Army don't have a home and home and with the overall AE RPI being so low, Albany needs to be more aggressive with the OCC to raise the RPI.
  8. Scroll down to #9 and the pressure Fields and whoever he is running the 2 man game with, and just how big it is for Eccles, Burgmaster, etc. to continue to put additional pressure on the opposing defense. http://www.collegecrosse.com/2017/4/3/15156028/10-man-ride-hoyas-pick-and-pops-third-quarter-corollary-doubling-connor-fields
  9. Back to #8 in th all important RPI rankings which is the only poll that really matters. Stony Brook is still a top 20 RPI win. Maryland is 7th, Yale is 17th, and Bing is just outside the all important top 25. So still have an opportunity to get 2-3 RPI too 25 wins. The upward trend in scoring and the offense coming together is impressive. I'm most excited about seeing Kyle McClancy returning to his freshman scoring form, and Sean Eccle's putting the ball on cage. How impressive has Bennett Drake been in his final season! Would love to see Burgmaster get more involved in the scoring but he is turning in a great SSDM performance. Only troublesome trend I am seeing, and it may be partly due to the leads the Danes are putting up is how they come out in the 3rd quarters of recent games, and the D and JD's numbers are starting to move in the wrong direction. I am impressed at how the coaching staff got the team ready for some quick turnaround, road games against Harvard and Stony Brook in particular since both teams were desperately in need of a marquis win.
  10. No disrespect to former face off specialists and defensive players but it is great to see Albany recruiting hard on both sides of the midfield line, and the importance of having an elite FOGO.
  11. I hope the Danes got on the bus fast and hit the road! This sort of game was long overdue and you need to overcome some adversity to be ready for it in May. I didn't get to see the game but in the brief video highlights it looked like the defense didn't give JD a whole lot of help. It is important to know you can win when Fields isn't getting 7-8 points and JD isn't saving at 60+%
  12. Seems that not only the quality of the streams but the overall coverage of the team is lacking. The lacrosse team has been the most successful program on campus since the Thompson's set foot on campus, and has grown since then. I have no idea what funding looks like or fund raising for the program, but certainly we can get more SID. coverage and a higher quality stream.
  13. I think it depends on the health of Irelan. He and JD five the Danes strength up the middle, and TD helps play a lot less defense. Two games ina row where it was about 3-0 before the other team knew what hit them.
  14. I guess this game comes down to the status of Irelan. Ornstein is a solid backup and great to have two guys who can win faceoff's. I'll chalk this up to a Tuesday road game, but the SSDM's had a rough day, but the silver lining is it was a win, lots of guys got game experience, but holding my breath until I see how Irelan is doing.
  15. Looked like he got his Achilles cleated when he came out with the ball. Saw him up and walking but with a bit of a limp.
  16. Coach Marr on rhe UVM win and Canisius game. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mHjrKmUiosk
  17. Just keep winning. Quick turnaround and can't afford a slip up. Didn't have a chance to see the UVM game, but again the EMO wasn't good and we are under 20% for the year which is dreadful, but still scoring 16 goals a game. Need to get that fixed.
  18. I agree but with as crazy as this season is going I wouldn't want to trust the selection committee
  19. I didn't get a chance to see the game but the way Albany is winning it shouldn't hurt the Danes in the polls. As far as future opponents go too bad Maryland and Harvard lost, but in most years the way to the NCAA is to win the AE automatic qualifier. Early on it looked like UVM, Stony Brook, and based upon last year Hartford might give Albany a push, and they are all still dangerous teams ina one and done format, but now UMBC and Binghamton, are coming hard.
  20. What is it going to take for Albany to defeat Maryland? My keys are: 1) Simms on Rambo but I am worried about who matches up with Heakcock. Dluhy is a very good on ball defender, but Heacock has size and strength so it will probably be up to either Kluck or Perla, and then Dluhy on Maryland's third attackmen 2) TD TD TD TD and the wings - have to get more of those contested groundball's and TD winning 45%-55% 3) someone other than Fields will have be willing and able to be the guy if Connor can't consistently beat his matchup. I think Connor needs to be a six point a game player for the Danes to go deep into May and it starts on Saturday.
  21. I don't know, but the Maryland, Notre Dame game last week was played in similar weather conditions. I think there were something like 35 or so turnovers in that game so I would think the worse the weather the better for the Danes. It wasn't balmy in Ithaca last Sunday and the offense was still pretty crisp.
  22. A little dated but still a good listen. http://1045theteam.com/ualbany-lacrosse-coach-scott-marr-wins-his-150th-game-audio/
  23. That one felt like having a really good meal at a restaurant, but being too full for desert. Danes looked good, but man oh man has Cornell fallen off of the mountain. It was 17-6 and the Danes could have easily put up 25 or so. The two areas of glaring need of improvement are man-up offense and face-off unit play. Albany will once again face an elite face-off opponent and the wing play has to improve against Maryland to give Albany the possession advantage.
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