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  1. Great insights from everyone. Should be an exciting year.
  2. I think you are spot on. I've asked the question before, "has UA become a lacrosse destination," and surprisingly despite the success, great coaching staff, and academics that are really quite good, I think the answer is not yet to your point on recruiting. I may be wrong, but I don't think Coach Marr has gotten any of the highly touted local kids to stay at home which can often times be a hard thing to do anywhere. A lot of kids just want to spread their wings away from home. A lot of the guys who have recently blossomed such as Osika and now McClancy and others have been under recruited guys who didn't have a lot of other options, but now most teams would kill to have them on the roster. What you described in Denver was to a large degree what happened against Maryland in the NCAA's. The 2nd Maryland FOGO figured out TD and even when it was a scrum the Maryland LSM's just got the ground balls. I think the defensive talent is getting closer and closer to the offensive side of the ball, but as the offense has the ability to take over a game the defense for whatever reason just isn't there yet. I really like a lot of the guys, and especially some of the younger guys who seem to have the size and athleticism to go up against anyone. But to your point, when you get down to the final few teams or against a Baptiste, someone will find a way to dirty up the face off and make it more of a wing battle which IMO is still where we have to improve as an overall faceoff unit, and take the next step in terms of making the defense as dominant as the offense.
  3. Not Joe, but IIRC Patterson played a lot up top during the one half when Nanticoke was on the field, and Jakob scored a goal from about 12-15 yards out, and it sure looks as if he has assumed Bennett's role which he excelled at last spring. In the game against the Iroquois, Jakob was in the starting attack rotation. I am trying to remember the man up unit, but think it was Fields, Reh, Nanticoke, Laffin, Eccles, and McClancy. Joe, great comments and thanks for being part of the Albany tradition that the current players are trying to build upon. There was a lot of scuttlebutt this summer when several jobs opened up that Liam would be gone and we had a chance to talk with him about it this summer. With a relatively new baby my guess (and I have no inside information on this), but I bet he stays and takes over the program IF Coach Marr decides to call it quits after his daughter graduates from UAlbany. Liam and Merrick are great recruiters, and they just seem to find players every year that fit into the Albany system. The other thing they do is know how to coach and relate to kids. A bunch of us had the chance this summer to watch an event with players committed to Albany play against Michigan, Ohio State, Monmouth, and Denver. If you had seen the development of this group over two days and how they stacked up against teams loaded with ranked players you would have been very proud of Liam and Merrick.
  4. Good listen about the Danes in the Carrier Dome last weekend. Hard not to get too excited about the possibilities this spring. http://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/24-hours-upstate-observations-from-carrier-dome-and-le-moyne/50565
  5. This seems like a team that can take the next step. Hearing that the chemistry is strong, and the seniors are doing a very good job of keeping everyone focused and working hard. Everyone talks about the offense which has kind of become a given at Albany, but looking for bigger things from the defense.
  6. http://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/albany-s-fields-nanticoke-put-on-show-but-depth-emerges-in-international-scrimmage-day/50556
  7. I am just about positive Calarusso was #23 although he and Ramos are about the same size and have a similar style of play.
  8. Had no idea that anyone was broadcasting a fall ball game. Was there any mention of the Albany starters who did not suit up?
  9. A few observations - starting attack will be fun to watch. Fields and Reh were in mid season form. Nanticoke wasn't a huge factor IMO, but just his presence gave more room for Fields and Reh to operate. My guess is he will be more of a finisher this year. -strong freshmen class, especially at midfield. Looks like 3-4 could see action this year. Schwab seemed to be first in, but Ramirez played well as did Burgmaster. - looks like Patterson will be transitioning into Bennett Drake's role - Irelan was dominant as you might expect against this sort of completion, but he looked bigger and faster than last year. - Laffin looked much trimmer this year - Eagan looked really good on the invert - Sean Eccles was sniping big time - Sierkieski looked solid as the #2 goalie Troy Reh and Jack Burgmaster were not dressed. Someone correct me on this, but Simms didn't play either and I am not sure I saw him. - I think Perla and Filipowski are going to be important pieces if the defense steps up even more this year - Similar to last year when Irelan doesn't win the face off clean wing play has to improve, especially against the elite teams who will find a way to slow TD down. Thought about it some more - the core group of midfielders looks like McClancy, Sean Eccles, Eagan, would assume the elder Burgmaster when he is 100% healthy, with Patterson playing the primary attack/middie role. It looked like if I had numbers right Alex Brown and Noah Taylor were filling the more defensive end of the two way midfielders then several of the freshmen. There were quite a few new numbers on defense, but IMO the real strength were several of the returning younger guys who looked bigger and faster. Austin Jones did a really nice job when he was in as FOGO.
  10. Good stuff in the first game against Team Israel. I'll try to post something later when we drive home later and I figure out who is who.
  11. I haven't had the opportunity to see him play, but the 2019's I have seen looked really, really good. Despite the programs success I am not sure where Albany sits in the pecking order of places a top player seeks out, but either way Gleason and Thomson in particular continue to find guys who can play.
  12. I was told the games are at Boy's Latin and Albany playing Hopkins and Richmond like last year.
  13. I was very impressed with Alex's shot when I saw him play this summer. He can definitely rip it from 12-15 yards with a lot of velocity. Jack seemed to transition more into a defensive middie this past year, but he definitely has some offensive pop and it would be great to see him shoot more this year. Matt Eccles didn't go to the goal much when I saw him play, but showed a lot of grit in between the restraining lines. Aidan Conlan looked good as well but with all the depth at attack I would imagine he'll have a tough time cracking through as a freshmen. I don't think any of this year's poles will make much of a dent with everyone coming back and some talented younger guys who saw the field a bit last year. I really liked both of the 2017 goalies, but it is definitely JD's job at this point.
  14. Two 2018's made Xander's Top 100 list. I really think Albany has another 2-3 guys who are legitimate contenders to be top 100 players, and as usual the Albany recruiting class is a bit underrated. Although Inside Lacrosse has 3 2017's in its top 100 incoming freshmen.
  15. From what I have heard, and it isn't too much, but that Nanticoke and Patterson are in the hunt to take over Drake's role and the other will probably get the third starting attack position. Drake really did have a great senior season. Before Patterson got hurt and played less down the stretch I never saw him have the sort of outside shot that Drake had, and that Laffin showed he had in his game winning goal against Yale. Also, understandably, Patterson had trouble finishing those tough, contested goals in close. Nanticoke is already a man when it comes to size and strength so if I were a betting man I think the starting attack is Fields, Reh, and Tehoka and it wouldn't surprise me if someone other than Laffin or Patterson plays the fourth attack on the offensive middie line this spring.
  16. For the life of me I can't remember his name. Looked pretty good the one time I saw him.
  17. Correct. I had never seen the middie on any of the lists as an Albany commit, but his name is escaping me right now.
  18. Jason Yoquinto is the goalie from Navy Prep. Two really good goalies in the 2017 class. I don't believe they replaced Zaugg. There is a middie from California in the 2017 class. I don't recall seeing his name on any lists but he was at the committed tournament this summer. The younger Burgmaster has a nice outside shot, and Schwab and Ramirez have the ability to be classic two way Albany midfielders. Lots of talent in the 2018 and 2019 classes from what I saw in Philadelphia this summer.
  19. I would assume he didn't submit the form to them. I believe the lax power list tends to be more accurate
  20. My understanding is that everyone did show up. I don't know of any transfers, but we did get a very good goalie who was at Navy Prep last year.
  21. 2018 Corey Yunker was interviewed from this event. I don't know if any other future Danes played or not.
  22. 2018 M Sam Swingruber as a standout at the IL Committed Academy. http://www.insidelacrosse.com/article/epoch-il-committed-academy-future-college-stars-who-stood-out-saturday/50204 Don't think he was at the Philadelphia tournament. The 2018 class is looking like another really solid class. The coaching staff just keeps on finding the right players for the Albany system.
  23. Great write up on 2018 D Tanner Hay. https://recruitingrundown.com/2017/07/21/standouts-from-session-1-of-the-national-high-school-lacrosse-showcase/#more-18188 Saw the other two 2018's in Philadelphia and the LSM was very good
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