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  1. Kiss of Death — too funny! Looking forward to another great game between the Catamonunts & Great Danes tomorrow evening — hopefully, we win this one.
  2. excellent question and excellent point. Still doesn’t make good business sense to me. You want to build your fan base and would reap more profit by getting new folks to return, than by chasing potential new fans away through gouging them $10 for parking. #Business101
  3. Unfortunately, it’s stupid decisions like this that discourage a potential new fan from attending more UA games. We have a golden opportunity to perhaps hook some new fans, and the administration chooses to gouge them. I went to the Siena - Manhattan game at the TU Center last evening, and they only charged $8.00 in the commercial parking garage right next to the arena. Didn’t think that was too bad for downtown Albany. Just my opinion, but it’s a bad business decision to gouge a potential new fan $10 for on campus parking.
  4. Great energy thus far, from both the team and the fans. #GoDanes
  5. I hate to say it, but I agree — maybe we’re just not as good a team as we all thought.
  6. I’m no legal expert, but my thinking is that as long as UA is not charging admission specifically to view the ladies game, they would be able to show during halftime and other stoppages in play, with no copyright infringement.
  7. Foot fracture. http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/sports/college/vermont/2017/12/30/uvms-lamb-out-indefinitely-foot-fracture/992576001/
  8. Undoubtly, it will be low — lot of conflicts this time of the year with holiday parties, holiday concerts, etc., and Disney On Ice at the TUC. My guess — around 1500.
  9. If we had played them at home, like Vermont just did, I have to believe we would have beaten them by 15 or more.
  10. Not a viable option, IMHO. Never heard of any other colleges doing this.
  11. Also, if it was suppose to be a neutral site game — the Siena and MAAC logos should not have been on the court. They should have developed and used an “Albany Cup” logo for center court, and put a smaller UA and Siena logo at appropriate locations near the sidelines of the court.
  12. . Additionally, when Siena goes on the road and plays in those other gyms, attendance is not very good. I believe attendance was around 800-900 last year at Niagara, and 1400 at Canisius. In fact last year when they played at St. Bonaventure, for the coveted Franciscan Cup attendance was 3859. And they traveled all the way to Leigh University in Pennsylvania last month to play in front of a whooping crowd of 767.
  13. . Exactly! IMHO, they will not get any other team to come into the TUC to play, every other year, that will attract 9,000-10,000 spectators.
  14. Thank you for the link -- I had also forgotten about the AE stat site.
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