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  1. So I was on Instagram this morning, and this post by the UAlbany Sports account was brought to my attention........I am interested.
  2. You expected better........we have recruiting issues. we get the CAA run off recruits. We need to become a place that college athletes want to be at. I thought Mark was accomplishing this.
  3. https://redstormsports.com/schedule.aspx?schedule=261 There is a game vs Vermont scheduled as well. not at MSG.
  4. https://nflstream.io/albany-vs-maine-live/stream-1 haha theres always another.....i checked this one its correct
  5. http://www.sports24.fun/live/fs.php?id=fcs I found this streaming link for those who need it.
  6. Hey I know we are a couple of weeks away but my in-laws are from Pitt and I am ironically now going to Pittsburgh labor day weekend. So I was wondering if anyone else is going and or know where the Albany fans will be sitting.
  7. http://www.fbschedules.com/2018/04/ualbany-play-at-hawaii-2023/ Thats all you have to know. Long ways away.
  8. i think this cross town rivalry may end. Both coaches just complain about the other via the media. In my perfect world, I want TUC to be a neutral arena for both schools. it would be nice to see the Jamar 31 and logos in the rafters.............
  9. i have Mich St winning it all..... Exciting games so far. I was worried during the RI game. Good Luck All
  10. SUNY Courtland sign in the audience at the selection show in atlanta. HAHAHAHA
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