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  1. Thanks for the link. If anyone else is having trouble with the RSS feed for their podcast app of choice, here's the direct RSS link: https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/844780.rss
  2. I'm amazed at your optimism. Not that the team will win 13 games, way too many question marks to even start making a prediciton, but that you think they'll actually play all 22 games
  3. Think so. Here's the full press release: https://americaeast.com/news/2020/10/19/2020-21_season-structures.aspx and the relevant part about the basketball season:
  4. What I've read makes it seem like positive cases have to remain on campus until there's a negative test. From the TU article about Oneonta: "All students who have tested negative for COVID-19 will move out from Friday, Sept. 4, to Monday, Sept. 7. Students who have been moved to quarantine are asked to remain isolated on campus until they are cleared by the Department of Health." I don't know what their testing protocol looks like, but could the high percentage of student athletes have more to do with them continuing to be tested regularly and non athletes only being tested if they go
  5. Was this something that we knew?
  6. I absolutely don't think that anyone actually in the movement is strictly trying to make anyone feel bad about being white. There's an argument that could be made that learning about the various forms of privilege might cause you to feel angry ("Wait a minute, this is BS and that hasn't been my experience. I've had to scrap my way through life and haven't been given any advantages") or, yes, it might make you feel bad (experiencing "white guilt", etc) or any other handful of valid emotions. The idea of learning about privilege is so you can then unlearn unconscious behaviors. Have you eve
  7. BLM is a patriotic statement and if you can't see that 🤷‍♂️
  8. Dislike the cropped ears. That and tail docking just seem intensely cruel. Even the supposed benefits of docking a working dog's tail aren't proven On the other hand, I do like the UA font with the cropped A. Whether intentionally or not, it kind of echoes the shape of the the Capital Region and northward
  9. Big Ten just moved to that for fall sports. I can see most colleges going this route because it then gives more time to make the final decision on whether sports will even take place and if they were to happen, it ends up reducing the likelihood of inter regional spread
  10. His tape makes it look like he'd be a good fit and I'd be excited if he decided to come here
  11. Maybe I'll still buy my season tickets and just have them place a cardboard cutout of me sitting there. Build a little mechanical skeleton and remotely rig it so I can press a button to stand it up when something cool happens and maybe broadcast my voice and claps from home
  12. I won't be going, but I don't like football, so I wouldn't be there anyway 👍 Honestly, I'm even a little hesitant on basketball until more is known about the impact of covid-19 on blood clotting/PE because I've got a genetic clotting disorder. Here's hoping though!
  13. Genuinely absurd that Joe Bena was only an honorable mention Toss Pat Riley. He didn't even coach here
  14. Wondering what happened there. They're losing a loooooot of minutes
  15. At 6'5", he seems like he might be undersized to play inside, though watching some football highlights he does seem strong as hell Like Ahmad Clark, he's a DeMatha kid. I like the idea of building a deeper connection and pipeline from that program
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