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  1. Or you could look here. https://www.ncaa.org/sports/2013/11/27/ncaa-men-s-basketball-attendance.aspx
  2. That is fantastic news. Also, as far as the less capacity. Its a smart move. On a bigger scale, the MLS has grown in a huge way because of how the smaller arenas look on TV vs. big arenas with a lot of empty seats. Sports look better with fuller arenas. No matter how small.
  3. Perhaps that meeting with DK has something to do with bringing him back into the fold...?
  4. Cam Healy just committed to Southern Utah.
  5. Actually it depends. If he's talking about the Department of Athletics, then it's grammatically correct. If he's talking about the concept, then it it not.
  6. If he signs, I hope we're making plans for Nigel..to put on some weight.
  7. As someone who lives about 25 minutes from Fort Myers where FGCU is and 2 hours from Miami, I have no concern that geography is going to lure him away. They are 120 miles distance wise and a planet away culturally. The only thing the Miami area and the southwest coast of Florida have in common are water, mosquitoes, humidity and invasive species. And the flight from Albany to Miami is about the same amount of driving time from Fort Myers to Miami, without traffic. Except you don't drive on Alligator Alley (the actual name of 75 between the two cities. Florida, man).
  8. Oh cool. Send him my way, i'll show him around.
  9. Gross. Phish are the enemy. I like songs
  10. That would be cool to bring some pretty cool jammasters to the campus again.
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