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  1. Wow 5000 students. That's 25-30% of the student body. Say what you want about the department, but that's HUGE.
  2. It's probably a little bit of raising the profile of the program with better scheduling, getting on TV more playing bigger teams, and iron sharpening iron getting them ready for conference. It's also a good recruiting move. You're going to get a lot of mid-major recruits by saying "You're gonna play in Rupp Arena" than you are with slumming it with Canisius and Niagara..no offense to those programs.
  3. Sounds like the old NY Post "Headless Body in Topless Bar" scribe has found a new gig.
  4. My favorite thing about this is that we no longer are an unaffiliated member of the MAAC with 5-6 games a year. This is not a regional schedule. This is a NATIONAL schedule.
  5. What ever happened to that stud from Florida Jordon Irizarry or something like that. 3 star recruit.
  6. Then we have bigger problems than football. Btw, i was up in your neck of the woods the other day. St. Pete is a really cool area, especially on central and the pier is awesome.
  7. I feel like In years past we always had one big one and that was it. We already have two and the Rizzuto revenge games. Would love to see ‘Cuse on here at some point
  8. Wow. So far quite different than when we played six MAAC teams a year....plus, I believe these are money games, no? Or is it not like football in that respect?
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