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Siena Tony Warns the Prof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I personally really am starting to question his moderation skills. He is so biased it is near ridiculous. I was going to rip into his basketball knowledge and decided to keep quiet (on the Zoellner post). THe guy has never seen Zoellner yet his "sources" tell him Zoellner is going to be $iena.


Bottom line, when UA becomes a better program than Siena (in time it will surpass Siena), people like ST will discount our program.


Prof...give us a quick summary what he deleted.

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Well Prof got one thing right, only a matter of time before he is banned. He will be banned for the same reason as last season. He can't make respectful comments


As for Zoellner, what is it with you Albany fans, I didn't call him a stiff, I said he wasn't too skilled. Dane 96 what do you mean by


"The guy has never seen Zoellner yet his "sources" tell him Zoellner is going to be $iena." .. What does going be $iena mean????????????


Zoellner is slow and doesn’t have good basketball instincts. That’s why he barely left the pine in two years at BC… he wasn’t even a bit player….


Doesn’t mean he can’t give Albany some minutes, have you seen him play 96..I HAVE


One other thing 96, unlike many Siena fans I actually like the Danes, I have a few very good friends that are very closely associated with the Danes, I usually go to a few Dane games a year and generally root for them after the Siena game. Personally I wish nothing but the best for Albany..


. …. Prof why don’t you tell the Albany boys what I asked you? Never mind I will, I asked the Prof to post respectfully to stop calling every Siena player names…I even went as far as to send Prof a copy of the board rules


My guess is Prof is banned shortly and if you wanna call me biased for that go ahead

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Going on other boards and calling players names is classless, even if in jest. That's pretty much the board rules on every college board around the country, so why don't you just take the high road and use intelligence and basketball knowledge rather than name calling and juvenile crap?


Calling someone "$iena" is an inside joke to this board, and that's not really "crass".


Now I would agree that SienaTony is overreacting if the name-calling involved things like "stiff" or "flop" or other non-explative (but slightly higher than juvenile) names.


Why not call the professor out right now SienaTony, stoop to his level for a minute, post the names he has used, and let us decide if they're juvenile or you're overreacting?


Sound reasonable to me. I know that most people on the board, while they might find it temporarily humorous, would agree that if the names really are against a board's rules he should stop.


So let's have it!

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Dane fan, while I appreciate the point of your post, I'm glad you agree name-calling and insults don’t belong on other teams boards. As what does belong on the Siena board its certainly not up to Alb posters to decide the content of the Siena board ( nice try though)


Since the Professor chose to air his gripe here (I preferred the private email, I had no desire to embarrass Prof by calling him out in public)


The next time he posts an insult on the Siena board… this one stinks is a stiff etc, will be his last post on the Siena board. He can post all insults he wants on this board.. of course only about 20 people read it, so it would behoove the professor to behave, if not he’s history on the Siena board


. Of course when Danefan2k3 runs a board he can decide what’s appropriate and who is overreacting, until then I’ll make that decision on the Siena board


Hope that helps ;-)

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Hey, Siena Tony....you cake take your foot out of your mouth right now. I am close friends with Mr. Todd Rice, head strength trainer at BC (formerly of Yale, US Lacrosse, and the 49'ers.) Further, I have been a season ticket holder for BC Hockey, Football and Basketball for 6 years now. I donate enough money to get myself "Shea Field" passes.


So, to answer your question, I have seen Zoellner in practice, game situations, and just walking around at football games. In fact, I was there when he was introduced to numerous alumni a few years back.


You ripped him hard. If he was at Siena you would say he has potential. No matter what you say, your posts ARE BIASED. You instigated the entire Zoellner post. How do you know how good he is going to be? That is like me saying Tay Fisher is going to be a bust.


We never posted that he was the next coming. As someone who has seen him probably over 30 times, I think I can question your "knowledge" or "source" of how KZ may pan out.


If the Professor ripped into Siena players rudely....then yeah ban him. I know most of us have seen him post tough messages (this player is a stiff, bum, has no game). I don't think any of us have seen him post in a manner that is flat out defamation or false light. Sayi.ng someone is a stiff is not aterrible insult

Edited by Dane96
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If he is saying someone is a stiff or someone stinks, then I think you're overreacting. Is it because he's an Albany fan? Or would you really (really) ban a Siena fan for saying a player on the Saints was a stiff?


I'm glad you're not moderating this board, lack of posters or not.


Otherwise, how could 96 and I rip into each other so frequently?

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Take my foot out of my mouth???? For what asking you if he have seen Zoellner play? And since you have where am I wrong? I never said he couldn’t help Albany



And BTW talk about taking your foot out of yer mouth, this thread was about Prof and his posts, you attacked me out of the blue saying I haven’t seen Zoellner


When you have a very popular board you have to draw the line somewhere as to what is allowed


As Albany gets better you guys will see what I mean, you will get posters whose sole purpose is to insult and demean. As a moderator you have to draw a line on what is allowed and what is not.


Personally I think the Prof is pretty knowledgeable, he does however tend to go over the edge with Siena players (against) and Albany player (for) when he wants to the prof can be a good poster especially when posting facts ( well again he shaky when it comes to Siena) like when he posted Taquan Evans had verballed to Siena when in fact it was Iona but hey nobody is 100% for the most part on message boards we deal in opinions. And hey if Zoellner averages a double double you guys can say SienaTony is full of it…. I could be wrong.. but I doubt it


And as my final statement , I do agree it’s all in good fun, the boards are suppose to be fun, this is mid major basketball… enjoy boys!!! And rip away

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Siena Tony


The professor is very opinionated and rips alot of players.


He's ripped players from UA, Siena and the America East and people who disagree with him - hate the professor's attitude. Those who are somewhat neutral usually find him as a little crude but intriguing. If he was knocking Iona you would be right their smiling and finding it amusing.


On your board - your in charge and that's it, but before you "BAN the PROF" think of how he stirs the pot and gets people motivated to post. Those who regularly read these sites by now know to take the "prof" with a grain of salt.


Of course he always puts himself on the edge forcing moderators to make decisions - That's why the moderators get the "Big Bucks"!!!!!!!! :D:D:D



The professor get's under Siena Tony's skin and exposes his excitable nature!!!!

Just mention "the professor's name" and get a rise out of Tony!!!!!


Secondly patch why worry about anyone getting banned? Professor gave his opinion, people pretty much know he overrates Albany players and underrates Siena players. Why make this a bigger thing than it is? The Professor does a good enough job stirring up trouble on his own without your help patch!! - Siena Tony 8/19/04


Just a few days later Siena Tony gets more upset with the prof!!!! :o:o

Edited by Patch
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