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Return of the Patroons?

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I was interesting in everyone's opinion of whether the renovation of the Washington Avenue Armory by Jim Coyne's group will be successful? whether a minor league basketball team playing in a 2000 - 2500 seat venue will be successful? and, if so, what effect will it have on UAlbany and/or Siena basketball both short-term and long-term?


These are my thoughts. I am having a hard time seeing how Coyne's investors will make money. Our RACC, the Siena ARC, the Pepsi Arena, the Palace Theater and Proctor's all seem to be better venues for indoor athletic events or concerts. All have better parking and most are in areas where people will feel safer at night. I can't believe there is a market need for this facility.


The Patroons were successful in their time because they were new and played a higher quality of basketball than people in the Capital District had the ability to see live. I believe most of the Patroon fan base became Siena fans when the Patroons folded as Siena then became the highest quality basketball people could see live. I really don't think that non-Siena alumni and student fan base that Siena has accumulated over the years will abandon Siena for the Patroons. I don't think the Patroons will effect UAlbany at all as our fan base is obviously limited, mostly consisting of students and alumni and our tickets will continue to be cheaper.


While I really don't think the Patroons will be a long term success, it looks to me that if they are successful, it will impact on Siena to a much greater extent than it will impact on us. I don't think the Patroons would be able to draw say a 1500 season ticketholder fan base without Siena losing about 1000 season ticketholders.


I'd be really interested in hearing people's thoughts, including the Siena fans who peruse this board.

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There is no way that the team will average more than a couple hundred fans a night. Coyne must think he lives in NYC - people in Albany won't come into the city for an event at the Pepsi, so what makes him think they will come into an arguably worse part of the same city, with no parking decks, and leave their car somewhere it can get slashed up, to watch semi-pro basketball.


Wow, NBA rejects. FAN-Tastic!


The city and state turned a blind eye because he intends to fix the building up, so what the hell do they care if this idea is one of the worst ever.


Rats, AC Yankees, Firebirds, ConQuest, Patroons ... New Patroons, come on down!

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I wasn't in Albany during the Patroons heyday so I'm not sure what happend to make them so popular and then move. I do know they had the best season in CBA history which is likely to draw big crowds.


I'm with the rest of you that this idea seems uninspired. Alot of money to renovate a place they're unlikely to fill with people and events that could just as well be held in other places. The local landscape is much different that the last time it was open. The whole thing seems to be fueled more by nostalga than pragmatism.


I think enough of these very mobile semi-pro teams have come through town to leave people jaded. If you're a basketball fan you know Siena College and UAlbany aren't going anywhere but you never know where one of the CBA teams will be in five years. I can't see people giving up the local teams.

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Good point about stability of minor league team as I have also mentioned before that UAlbany & Siena are here to stay. There remains a possibility that their programs may decide D-1 is not for them in the long run as strongly hope that does not happen. I do take issue with the comment that Area fans don't go to the Pepsi Arena. I'm looking forward to attending UAlbany/Siena & Siena/Syracuse games & do admit won't run down to Siena's games againt Fairfield, Loyola, etc but fans sure do seem to attend the decent games which is more than many other areas can say. I will also hit the RACC as looking forward to having full squad as seems has not been one for quite a while. Getting back to the Armory, I agree new Patroons team is not a very good idea but concerts (which always seem to draw fans no matter where they are held) & flea markets, etc may do well.

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