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Beating Siena

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Winning is a possibility this year!!!


The question marks are:

How much did sitting a year hurt or help Wilson, Jordan and/or Zoellner?????


How will 8 new players mesh with the guys from last season?????


How ready and how much help can Dyson, B. Wilson, Lillis, and Bauman be.??????


What will Perry's role be on this team, it's strange to me that another guard (especially a JC guard) was recruited late, the coaches must feel he can bring something to the table right away!!!!!


If we play up to our ability we should be right there at the end!

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I think the chances are OK - less than 50/50 but certainly better than in recent years.


Too many variables.


Jamar, Zoellner, and Jordan in their first game since the 2002-2003 year. Zoellner really hasn't played in several years - was used so infrequently at BC


New players - at least one of the big guys - Dyson or Brent Wilson will have to add something. While Siena isn't huge, they can be physical.


Coaching. This will be a huge test for Brown. First game with all these players - he will need to get the kids focused on sharing the ball and teach them how to win.


That said, they certainly have a chance. More importantly, in my opinion, they will have a bunch of games to work this out before the AE season begins.

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Just wanted to welcome you to the board KingDane.


This will be by far the best team Albany has brought into this game. You have to remember it was a pretty close game two years ago-$iena up by a point with 30 seconds left when Haddix got fouled for a 3 point play.


Both teams have their variables this year and for the first time it will be Siena that needs their freshman (point guard anyway) to produce right away, not Albany.

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As much as Siena would like to recognize Albany as less than equal, they still price the tickets on an upper tier to the MAAC. UAlbany tics sell for the same price as Syracuse, Vermont, Manhattan and Marist. Posters are very conservative; I am not, UAlbany by 6 to 10 is a given. Unlike the past, this not a new game for several palyers and we have nothing to loose and Siena has only--everything.

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Posters are very conservative; I am not, UAlbany by 6 to 10 is a given. Unlike the past, this not a new game for several players and we have nothing to loose and Siena has only--everything - Oldtimer

great to hear the optimism ... no need to wait for 05-06 when UA should be even better ... danes by six this year ... finally purchased my block of tickets from the pepsi box office ... UA deserves a game for the women at the RACC to help compensate for the annual homecourt advantage for the siena men (including the fact that UA fans have less than favorable seating options downtown)

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