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It is time to talk about Siena/UAlbany yet???

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I think the Pepsi Arena is ready to witness a fresh new breeze of basketball in the Capital Region on Tuesday. UAlbany has its fists clenched to knock out a wounded Siena squad. Let's make this a home game for the Great Danes!!!! I can't wait to hear the home team booed when they take the court.


The timing of the UAlbany season-opening win and rocky Siena start will peek the average person's interest to attend this game. I am hoping for 12,000-13,000. Considering the fact UAlbany basically doesn't play home for the next month, I wouldn't be surprised if to see a lot of bandwagon jumpers in the house rooting for the upstart Danes.

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This will be a bigger game for Siena I think as Siena fans calling for firing of their coach if lose this one (which I think is being a little too hasty at this stage of the season). Don't get me wrong as would be awesome win for UAlbany if happens & feel have a great shot at winning this one. I hear the problem w/ Siena's coach is that he concentrates too much on defensive side as their program's success always came w/ up tempo style offense as was also much more exciting to watch.

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I think this game is about Capital District Mindshare. A win would probably result in improved coverage of UA basketball and increased attendance from the community. It really is amazing that a market as small as Albany supports low / mid-major basketball so well. Where else can you find a school like Siena with 3,000 students (guess) that averages 6,000 fans? There is clearly demand for a good product and Siena has been that product for many years. UA now has the opportunity to get some customers as well.


I don't think we should look at this as a must win or a game where UA is the favorite. The games that count are the conference games. This team will need time to gel and I believe they will compete very well in the conference. A good game against Siena would be gravy and great for the program for the reasons that I stated above but we need to look at this as a journey with several checkpoints - this is the first checkpoint. Jamar will be back, hopefully Dyson is healthy and they have a full roster.


It is a much bigger game for Siena as they have lost 3 in a row (to three very good teams - one to a very good pac-10 team, one to a top mid-major program in Pepperdine and one to a good New Orleans team). Their freshman guards will be tested again against Jamar, Jordan and Iati and I think the coach is beginning to feel a bit of pressure.


As an aside, I do think there will be a big crowd. I just checked ticketmaster for the best available seats and the seats were in section 227 row S.

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It is a much bigger game for Siena as they have lost 3 in a row (to three very good teams - one to a very good pac-10 team, one to a top mid-major program in Pepperdine and one to a good New Orleans team).

Yes, Oregon St. is in a BCS conference, and the West Coast is good, but Pepperdine, OSU and UNO finished last year's Sagarins at #124, 151, and 159, roughly = Fairfield, Vermont and St. Peter's - good clubs, but not out of range of what $iena and Albany will be playing the rest of the year.


The 'Aints may be in trouble. By the time all their young guards mature, they'll be starting over with a very young frontcourt - next year only Haddix and Green and 3 swingmen, plus freshmen.

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