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The Happy Recaps

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The following question is obviously irrelevant, but many of us were curious about it and no one seemed to have an answer. Was Iati really even close to out-of-bounds when they called him for it near the UAlbany bench toward the latter part of the second half. From our vantage point, it didn't look close and Iati sure looked puzzled. Anyone have a better angle?

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a very special evening for UA fans ... deepest thanks to the UA players and coaches ... good thing for this writer that today is part of an extended thanksgiving break (an extra day we've not had in previous years) ...

i know you've got the links DP, but i can't resist printing a few quotes from Brian Ettkin of the TU ...

"Now we've got rivalry" ... "Lucky slingshot?  Try a sledgehammer." ... "They played with poise, desire, talent.  Never did they behave as if they didn't deserve to share a court with Siena.  They didn't seek respect; they demanded it.  This was no fluke."  ... "... the complexion of this rivalry changed forever Tuesday night." ... "Now we've got a second Division I basketball program worthy of our attention."

i (and i know others) have said all along that we needed to beat siena for this program to make a significant stride forward ... it will still take time, but the Danes have made a major step ... thank you again

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I was sitting near you Statefan so I didn't see the Iati call. I did have a $iena fan tell me this morning what a terrible call the double tech was on Levine. He said he was closer to the court and saw the whole thing. He said HE was yelling at the refs for pinning the technical on the wrong guy. It could have been crucial as Levine had to come out at that point with four fouls. Luckily it wasn't.

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Well, it's two days later and the smile on my face hasn't been wiped away yet.


The Gazette 's coverage was pretty similar to the Times Union's. Their Siena beat writer, Amedio had a feature story 'Danes Win Bragging Rights - Late 28-8 run keeps Saints winless, 86-65". Their UAlbany beat writer, Weiner also had a front page story "Wilson's return provides spark for Albany". Their columnist, Mike Kane had a front page column "Brown savors milestone win for Danes"


The best quotes I saw were about Jamar's slow start, three early turnovers and not scoring for the first 14 minutes. Coach Brown "I felt like the guy in the Gong Show who was getting ready to pull him off stage. But remember that he hadn't played a game in a long time. He's a tough out for anybody we play". And from Jamar himself "I was overactive and over aggressive. I was like a kid with his head cut off, but coach told me to play within myself"


In Kane's column, Coach Brown referred to the Tommy Mitchell quote that he would never lose to UAlbany and other Siena quotes about the game being a rivalry to us, but just another game to them.


I have read all the posts on this and on the Siena Board and find myself in agreement with most. My takes are:


1. Coach Brown and Dr. McElroy deserve a lot of credit for being able to see the big and long term picture. It would have been easy to pass on using two desparately needed scholarships for transfers in favor of stocking a team that could have won more than 5 games last year, but they made the choice for less immediate gratification in favor of better long term quality, which will lead to stability.


2. I echo the comments of many on this board who appreciate the gracious words of some Siena fans. In hindsight, I'm kindof glad that our first win didn't come in a fluke type situation (like if we had pulled out the EJ Gallup game), but came at a time when it could be fairly represented and acknowleged that our team and coaching staff were talented.


3. I really don't see enough Siena games to comments on the concerns about their head coach raised by some of their posters, but I think it's valuable for them to remember that not only are they integrating new players (as we are), but their entire assistant staff has turned over, which is often the source of player's personal skill improvements.


4. It's probably unfair to cite one player, but the obvious joy on Jon Iati's face toward the end of the game was great to see.


5. Some of my friends spoke with Doc after the game and related how happy and excited for Coach Brown and the players he was.


6. I'm not worried about the lack of playing time for non-starters. I think Coach Brown approached this game uniquely, almost like a post season game. Minutes will be better spread during the remainder of the regular seaon.


7. I like that Chris Wyatt still wears a Private Pound shirt.


8. Not that we haven't had a great week already, but beating Mike Deane on Saturday would really top it off.


Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Great Post - statefan


1. Coach Brown and Dr. McElroy deserve a lot of credit for being able to see the big and long term picture.


3. I really don't see enough Siena games to comments on the concerns about their head coach raised by some of their posters, but I think it's valuable for them to remember that not only are they integrating new players (as we are), but their entire assistant staff has turned over, which is often the source of player's personal skill improvements. - statefan


1. Brown and McElroy should both be commended -


McElroy took a big gamble hiring a very young guy to guide the reconstruction of a young program that was already in a distressed situation with no direction. Realize, McElroy would be held directly responsible if Brown didn't get the job done, and after Beeten he couldn't afford another mistake in Men's Hoop. The safe way out would bring in a more seasoned, experienced coach but he went with what he had observed from Brown during the interim process and I guess his gut feelings.


Brown for developing a clear vision and for having enough self confidence to put his job on the line and waiting a year for the 2 impact transfers.


3. Lost in all this is the ass't coaches. We should remember the hard work put in by the now departed Mike Spisto the last few years and most importantly the dedication, effort and basketball insight displayed over the last few seasons by Gallagher Driscoll

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Thanks for the recaps on the Gazette articles.


Thanks even more for your analysis.


Glad you got home - eventually - from the game and celebration.





Thanks also for your analysis.



It's great to win this game - finally. It's especially gratifying around this holiday.

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a couple of good posts from the siena board ...

Now that this is truly a rivalry perhaps the two schools can put their heads together and market this game to a regional or national audience.  I'm talking Fox Sports Atlantic or College Sports TV, ESPN Full Court or, the coup d'etat, ESPN's rivalry week.  This game has a lot going for it now, almost 10,000 fans (could be more if both teams are playing well), a nice arena, a local rivalry, and good basketball played by two solid mid majors.


Sounds like Brown has been a winner at every level, so it comes as no surprise that he will be a winner at Albany too.  Should the opportunity arise in the near or distant future, one would hope that the Siena brass will look at the overall winning history of its prospective successor coach at every level, from playing career to each amateur and professional job after that. Proven winners will win again. 

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A couple of belated points that were discussed yesterday over turkey dinner:


-I realize I am prone to complain about this ever year. It seems like the earlier I get my tickets for this game every year the further we get from the court. This year was the first time most of the season ticket holders were in the upper deck and I smell a Pepsi Arena conspiracy. Of course I could just be paranoid. In any event I'm glad we only play one game a year there.


-For the record, Statefan predicted Albany would put a run together at halftime. The fact that he had been drinking since noon had me doubting his accuracy but alas, he was right on the money.


-It's quite fitting that both Coach Sheffield and Coach Brown get HUGE wins in the same week. They both took over programs that were in shambles and have done fantastic jobs with them.


-He's only played one game so far but you're going to have a tough time convincing me there's a better guard in the AE than Jamar Wilson.


-I agree with the several posts that the $iena fans have been very gracious in defeat. I do think they are being a little too tough on their team at this point in the season. They started out in a difficult tournament and as was proved Tuesday night Albany is no longer a cupcake. Were I a Siena fan the one thing I would be peeved at Lanier for is not bringing in any guards before this year. Why he didn't bring a freshman PG in two years ago when Jamal Jackson was brought in I will never understand. That team would be totally different with another veteran guard right now.


-The big concern people had going into this season was chemistry and one of the things that was most talked about Weds was how well the Danes played as a team. I credit the shared adversity of the past few years for that as well as the coaching of Will Brown.

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