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Binghamton Aftermath

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Let me tell you that watching up-tempo and full-court press basketball is exciting stuff. Lou stated in the post-game interviews that the players were tired, but every time they got a steal it energized them. And the crowd too!!! If we can put 1,700 in the seats, it will be beneficial home-court advantage. Once the students come back, there is no reason why we can't fill atleast one of the endzones.


Stat of the week > 3-point shooting in last two home games:

UAlbany - 6/23 (26%)

Opponents - 24/52 (46%)


I doubt you will ever see that ratio again. However, we need to start playing some perimeter defense.

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Great stats....


2 things......



1. isn't great that this team can score over 70ppg and only shoot 26% from 3.


2. defense isn't something Brown has said must improve all season long. I think this team is starting to learn it has to play with the same intensity our undermanned teams of the past did.

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1. UA has struggled with the three for the past few games. They didn't panic last night and start chucking.

2. Brown apparently made a decision to feed Zoellner frequently to start the second half. Zoellner played very well.

3. Courtney didn't get a lot of minutes but helped with the pressure defense. I wonder if Brown goes more with a three guard lineup with Courtney because of his defensive presence. With Northeastern you had Barnes and Barea shooting away, last night you had the Binghamton guards making 3's. Maybe Coourtney becomes the defensive specialist to manage those situations.

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I think Courtney can help defensively.


I think Brown gets upset because Courtney does what Courtney wants to do offensively and Brown won't let that happen. One game I remeber he fired up a three early in the shot clock. Last night he penetrated breaking down the offense with over 20 seconds on the shot clock.

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How about Wyatt's block????? That got the place rocking!!!


Also, Zoellner on the floor diving for loose balls. I remember the game at Saint Rose where every time he touched the ball he went right. Last night, I think he went to the left on several occasions.


Zoellner should get the first few touches at the beginning of the shot clock, then let the guards take over if nothing is open. His involvement and success in the post will open more threes again.


In my opinion, after 14 games, UAlbany's unsung hero would be Aquawasi. Doesn't put up big numbers, but makes big shots. This team would suffer without him. I expect bigger things from Q the rest of the way (without expectations). He is the catalyst of our press!!!! Those long arms must be daunting for opposing guards.

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I'm also gonna agree with you Albany Observer. Not only did Kirsten look a lot more mobile and animated even during warm-ups, but he played much more intelligently than I have seen him so far. He'd get the ball early, look for an opening to the basket and then shoot if he thought he had it or pass to the guards if he didn't. His shots were much better and (although I didn't look at the numbers) if felt like he had fewer turnovers. His defense was also A LOT more aggressive. It was finally really exciting to see him play!


Also, I was looking at the numbers because it has struck me for the past two games that we tend to do much better offensively in terms of scoring in the second half than compared to the first. I averaged it out (minus the first game against Sacred Heart cause I couldn't get the numbers) and we score just over 31 points in the first half and just over 39 points the the second half. For example, last night it was 23 points in the first half and then 45 in the second...there have been a couple games similar to those numbers as well. I'm sure some of this has to do with us getting extra fouls shots towards the end of the games that we are winning, but it's still an interesting fact.

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The difference in 1st half versus 2nd half points may be in the defense. If we could generate a 1st half pressure defense from half court, we might not have to resort to a full-court 2nd half pressure defense. I think our 1st half defense has been conservative(I might have said lackadaisical) and without a lot of "HELP". The 2nd half press is based on HELP and has been very effective against some teams

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I agree the press has worked well and as AO pointed out Q is a menace when he's leading it. He really understands what he has to do and is such a heady player to apply pressure without fouling. A nice rotation has worked out with him and Brent Wilson to keep Q fresh when leading it too.


My concern with pressing more often is the heavy minutes logged by Jamar, Levi and Lou. I thought with about four minutes left in the Bing game both teams looked like heavyweight fighters who were punched out and hanging on to each other. Hopefully if Lillis and Courtney can contribute something to give those three a rest.


In terms of RPI, this was the biggest win of the year.

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