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I def. agree with the posts...if we could just get students to only sit in the north and south "endzones" that would be a big boost...maybe theyd get wrapped up in our chants and excitement easier?


As far as Stony Brook goes...."Cori" or "Bobby" would be easy to mix up and adapt alot of chants to...it seemed to really get under Charlies skin....so lets see if that continues next week.

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Perfect! I think Cori would be good. He seems to be one of the better players so he should be in enough for us to heckle on him a lot...lol. And if we can get under his skin enough (since he's one of their better players) hopefully it'll make a difference.


Im thinking...Cori from Boy Meets World? Where's Topanga?? :)


Maybe we should start a new thread for this...lol.

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One of the easiest ways to do the shuttle idea would be to have pre-game pizza parties in each of the dorms, with some sort of student help organizing each one.


Even if you had one big pizza party in one dorm, and advertised it, then you have all the students in one place before the game ... then the student leader gives them a 10-minute warning that the shuttle is coming, so people can wrap it up.


This way, they are fed, ready to go to the game, and they are all gathered in one place when the shuttle comes to pick them up. No missing the shuttles, no confusion on times, no excuses with having to go and eat before the game, etc.


If you got even 20 students to come and chow down in one place, then herded them all onto the shuttle bus, you've instantly doubled your student attendance from the game you're referencing above.


The key word is "herding."

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Everything that that has been stated thus far has been tried in one way or another at one time or another. The path to greater attendance and more fan involvement is a long one with many twists, turns, backtracking, and tweaking. The University and the Athletic Dept must set the coordinates and stay the course, steady as she goes. Since we have moved up from DIII to DII to DI there has not been a consistant commitment to pack the RACC for each and EVERY GAME. Most ideas that have been tried have been declared a failure due to expectations that things change overnight. I believe that we have a number of the right people in the right places now - Dr McElroy - Coach Brown - Don Ostrom - Charlie Voelker. If the Dept stays the course we will see things continue in a positive direction. Those of us who have been attending games for a long time (many on this board much longer than me) remember the huge rivalries (an crowds) that we had for years against schools like Potsdam and for the Capital District Tourney. As we continue the journey in the AE we will develop the same kind of rivalries and feelings of hate and respect for our new opponents. We will have more fans at the Pepsi Arena than $iena for our annual war.


One thing that pleases me is that the various areas of the University that have taken an interest for many years in getting people out to games, finally seem to be working together. If every one is on the same page we will continue to move forward.


$iena basketball became what it is over a long time - they went through all the same growing pains that we are going through now. Students - DO NOT LOOK AT THIS AS 4 YEARS - you have a chance to set up a frame work for a group that one day could rival the Cameron Crazies! I encourage you to recruit frosh and soph members, create a group in the Alumni Assoc's Varsity Club dedicated to the RACC Rowdies, visit this board often and encourage other students to do the same. Students are the ones that can figure out what will get other students out to games. Stay connected.


Kudos again and again to DANE POUND - this board is probably the best intrument for creating a tight knit and larger fan base for all of UofA's athletic teams.


No more rambling for me time to get ready for the women vs BU (the real BU)

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