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Bounce Back Win

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I was saying to myself when Lucious pulled down a rebound late in the game, "it seems like he's had alot of rebounds tonight." He did-11 boards and 14 points for I think his first double-double at UA.


I thought there was more of a crowd than listed 2214. Might have been because the Rowdies were so loud.


Nice to see more minutes for Wyatt. I thought he did a good job of frustrating the Maine big men and not letting them get to their spots. Flavin was having a field day until he went in. Jamar 20 pts, 5 assists, 1 turnover, 1 block and 1 steal. Levi had another good game with 12 and 8 rebounds. Lousy free throw shooting by both teams, especially Maine. Danes shot 59% from the line.


I'm not sure if they were trying to drive Brown crazy at the end by trying to let Maine back in or it was an accident. I'd like to see them get some baskets in that situation and close the door tight.

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I go on vacation for a week and come back to so much doubt after one loss. Hopefully everyone was able to sit back and take a nice long relaxed breath tonight. Attended the press conference with the print media tonight. Coach Brown brought in Jamar and WYATT. Here is a little of what they had to say:


Coach Brown:

1) He stated that there is a real basketball atmosphere in the RACC now. He mentioned the ROWDIES and said that he was happy that the "flag guy" at least kept his shirt on tonight. :P He further stated that he and the team truly appreciate the ROWDIES, students and the "fans that have faithfully supported the team" year after year. He sees this as a big factor in winning 5 in a row at home.


2) Lucious - after Jamar mentioned the D that Lucious has been playing, coach jumped in and spoke about the effort that Lou has put forward. He said that the most important stat for Lou tonight was that Kevin Reed was held to 6 points. Reed has averaged 12.6 on the season. He believes that some of Lou's shooting problems from outside are related to the fact that he is being asked to shut down big offensive players on the opposing team and the effort is draining his legs.


3) Z - He flat out stated that Z was in a "funk" tonight but told him that he would be needed to play a key role against Vermont on Weds night.


4) WYATT - He stated that Chris has responded in the way that a Senior Captain should. That he has provided leadership and that Chris has handled his role on the team extremely well this year. He also mentioned that Chris's role has changed every year and he continues to work hard no matter what.


5) Inconsistent Play - Coach stated that the moniker of "inconsistent" has been used a little too freely with this team. They finished in last place last year 03-04 and were picked to finish 8th by the coaches this season. He said we are two games up in 4th place are trying to squeeze into 3rd place. I think he is saying worst to first ain't easy and give this team a chance to learn how to win.



Said he was happy to get the chance to contribute but that the most important thing is for the team to win. (Sarge loves this soldier)



Coach almost fell off his chair when Jamar said that he was happy the team could put on a show for the students and give them something to do on a Sat night other than sit in their dorm rooms. (so much for #1 party school ;) ). Jamar stressed how much fun it is to have the ROWDIES at the game and that he hopes they continue to grow.

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It's amazing that a guy who plays 17 minutes scores 6 points and has 2 rebounds should be the "Player of the Game"!!!


But that is what Chris Wyatt did tonight. He gave us a lift - 17 quality minutes and an abundant amount of energy. He was a star in the second half and hopefully that is appreciated by all true UA fans.

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I would really have to say that Wyatt is the reason UA took over in the second half. Where Z has him by 6 or 7 inches, Wyatt is so much more physical, moves people around. You can just look Z and know he is not with it. Its evident in warmups, in the huddle, during timeouts. He is in a coma half the time. Hopefully, he will come around.

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The intelligent posters on this board and Singelais hit it right on the head about Wyatt. He was the difference maker against Maine. Give the kid a chance to play and he is productive. Several of us have been saying this all season long. Good for Chris. He could be one of our X factors the rest of the way heading into the conference tourney. Wyatt is very aggressive around the hoop. It is apparent to me that he tries to dunk the ball every time he has the opportunity. Something that K-Zo hasn't learned how to do yet.


Another great atmosphere at the RACC. Like the new RACC Rowdies shirts. Can't wait to see and hear what the gang has planned for Coppenrath, Sorrentine and Brennan on Wednesday night. Wyland was hyping the game stating that he is hearing that the Vermont game could draw 4,000 or more. I would find that hard to believe being a mid-week game, but maybe we will all be pleasantly surprised with the turnout. However, this is the biggest Division I game we have ever played on our home floor. Between 3,000-4,000 would be great.


I was hoping that the Catamounts would come to the RACC undefeated in conference play, but maybe the one loss will give our kids confidence that this team is beatable if we bring our "A" game.


The matchups for Wednesday >


Lou and Lillis vs. Sorrentine


Levi, Q and Wyatt vs. Coppenrath


I think it is safe to say Coppenrath will see double and triple teams whenever he gets the ball down in the post.

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We shut down TC pretty well at UVM, but maybe Sorrentine is the key. In the UVM/BU game yesterday, TC exploded for 37 pts (24 straight for Vermont in an 18:11 span) but TJ was held to 2-16 shooting from the field or something like that.


While certainly not giving up on the Oscar nominee ( :P ), maybe we should shift our "pick someone to shut down" efforts to TJ instead of TC. BU showed that TC can have an amazing game and UVM can still lose with it.


What do you all think?

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But that is what Chris Wyatt did tonight. He gave us a lift - 17 quality minutes and an abundant amount of energy. He was a star in the second half and hopefully that is appreciated by all true UA fans. - Patch

certainly appreciated by this UA fan ... hoping to see another strong effort from #21 vs. Vermont

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