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RACC Rowdies -- Going to Binghamton????

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Have the RACC Rowdies or athletic department addressed the idea of the RACC Rowdies going to the AE Tourney???? Will a bus be provided???? Is there a sign up list of Rowdies confirming their interest in going????? Now, is the time to get this organized if it hasn't been taken care of already. The quarterfinal matchup is a week from Saturday.


Plus, I think a bus needs to be confirmed and reserved if the team wins on Saturday and plays again on Sunday. The athletic department should cover the bill to gets the Rowdies into the game, pay for the transportation and feed them.

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I've chatted with Peter about it a few times. Nothing too solid I guess. He said that Athletics got a bus for the cheerleaders and for the pepband but that there wasn't really too many seats left on the bus after them. I'll talk to him more about it as I'm sure me calling him for score updates at half time and at the end of the game on Saturday from my meetings in ROC shows him that I have no problem talking to him at any time..lol. :P

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RACC Rowdies = private bus


Not whatever room is left on Bus A.


I would be extremely disappointed if someone dropped the ball on this!!!!!!!



Go Danes Go -


Charlie Voelker probably needs you to provide 25 names of people going in order to book an additional bus, similar to the concept he gave you regarding the tee-shirts.


That would be my guess.

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AO I don't. The Rowdies are fans, just like the rest of us. I want them to go, but don't see why they would get a free ride. Subsidised, maybe. I unfortunately will be in St. Maarten during the tourney. I'm going to go to the NE game for my last Daneball fix.

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I'd be surprised and disappointed if there wasn't a bus going to the games. I think the athletic department should pay for the buses (they can use the money that they saved when the team took the 1800 mile bus trip).


UA needs some fan support - you'll have over 3k Binghamton fans - maybe 4k. While the UA fan support has increased, I am not sure how many fans will drive the 2 hours to Binghamton to watch the game. They would want to have as much fan support as possible.


I say they charter three buses and offer tickets to the games at the list price with free transportaion. Make it available to the first x number that sign up.

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I just emailed Charlie and Coach Brown and the Coach said he'd talk to Charlie and Peter and do anything he can for us. Charlie just emailed me back saying that they are working on the bus and that solid info should be out by Friday. He said that he's not sure of any particulars as of yet, but he'd let me know as soon as possible. And yes AlbanyObserver, he wants me to gather a list of people who would plan on going to make sure it's worthwhile. So Jordan, Matt, etc...if you have friends who would go, let me know and I'll pass on the info and numbers!!


PS - He also said the pepband/cheerleaders bus is full so hopefully this goes through!

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Charlie stopped by and chatted with me last night about the bus trip. He said he wants 15 students and then he'll get 15 "others" (he mentioned season ticket holders) for thr trip. Still working on specifics.


If there are ANY interested students on this board for the trip, please let me know as soon as you get the chance! Thanks! :D

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