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We could be in BIG trouble


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Tomorrow's Siena Game could be a repeat of the previous two games. How are we going to rebound???????


Levi will give us his customary 6 boards.

Chris Wyatt ( if he doesn't get hurt) is going to have to grab 8 or 9 boards(?)

"Q" is going to have to grab atleast 6(?)

Todd Martin if he plays great might get (8???)

If Knotts were to play super and get 6(?)


[Remeber - last year Wyatt and Wilson were our leaders of the boards with "4"]


That gives us a total of 35 - Siena has averaged 48 in the past 2 games


No Hughes or Wilson really sucks and a hobbled Pipikis makes a short bench even shorter.


Atleast the season is finally here -


Let's hope all the Danes have career nights!!!!!

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Don't read too much into the Jamaal Hughes situation.


As for the Siena game Hughes and Pipikis are our only 2 big bodies so it will hurt not having them.


We have been huge underdogs the last 2 games and somehow Coach Brown has found a way to keep us in the contest. This year without the 2 big bodies and without Jamar Wilson - Brown will really have to be a Houdini to keep us in it.


But I do believe Danes fans like me want to see Iati, Martin and walkons "Q" and Courtney Johnson in live action. Siena will be the first taste of action at this level for all four of them.


They have this game and Pittsburgh to get the jitters out and then we have a stretch of about 5 games that we should be very competitive in and hopefully we'll have Wilson back.


We have talent we just don't have size right now.

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Dane Pound


match ups are going to be tough but here's what I predict and I'm not even sure these are the starters!!!!


1. Iati vs Jackson

2. Levine vs Mitchell

3. "Q" vs Jordan

4. Martin vs Miller (Major Bulk mismatch)

5. Wyatt vs Haddix


If Sniezyk replaces Miller (Bulk mismatch is worse)


Expect to see alot of different Zone looks from the Danes but they have to be careful Siena has alot of three point shooters in Mitchell, Jordan, Andrews, Beers etc.


Siena won't hesitate to shoot threes even with their size last year the avg. 17 3pfg per contest and shot a respectable 35%. Last year they took over 20 threes against us.


Should be very interesting.

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Patch, thanks for the reassurance that my concerns about the Jamal Hughes situation are unnecessary. The reason I was perceiving a problem perhaps was because I really was hoping that he would have a profound difference in the way we rebound the basketball and play interior defense. A healthy Hughes would have been nice to have considering all the players we have who are either injured or "on the mend". You could have added perhaps another 8 rebounds to your calcutations.


P.S. Wyatt might get you 8-9 rebounds.......or he could get you 3. He has shown flashes in the past of being a very good player, but way too infrequently. Hopefully he plays well......but predicting how (and if)he plays is like forecasting the weather. I do not relish the position Coach Brown is in which is to have to depend on him Friday night in front of 10,000 plus............hopefully he will prove me wrong.


Go Danes.

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My assumption is that Siena will come out very aggressive and physical, knowing that if they create an atmosphere where fouls have to be called closely, our limited bench will be a problem. Also, you know that if Siena gets a few foul calls on them in a row, the large crowd will be yelling for make up calls. Coach Brown obviously will have his hands full in dealing with this type of game with so many players who have never competed at this level and with his two most experienced players, Levine and Wyatt, having at times in their careers, been known to physically retaliate. All that said, I'm ecstatic that the season is finally here.

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Would like to believe UA can compete with and possibly defeat Siena but the stars would have to align for that to happen. Even if Jamar was healthy, we would still be lacking in talent.


My hope is that they can keep it close - you never know what may happen. They need to get ready for the conference games where they have a legit shot at winning most nights.


The good news is that starting next year this will be a game that they can win. I got the SI tonight that previews the college top 20. UA's front court next year will ebe as big as most (you obviously have to adjust the talent for the AE), but a front court of Zellner, Dyson and Levine will be pretty impressive.

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reeder - you're absolutely correct


A front line of Zoellner, Dyson and Levine sounds pretty good to me for next year!!!


But what's even better is in case of foul trouble in the wings we'll have 6'8"Brent Wilson, 6'8" Jamaal Hughes, 6'7"Todd Martin, 6'6"Knotts, 6'6""Q", 6'6" Wyatt and 6'5" Brian Lillis.


That's next year let's hope we can serve notice this year that things are getting better at UA!


A win over Siena would be AWESOME!!!

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