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Ranked ahead of powerhouse Princeton...interesting...


Inside Lacrosse Media Poll for 4/4/05


April 04, 2005



Baltimore, Md.- After this weekend of lacrosse one thing is certain: nobody is safe in the IL media poll. Hopkins, Duke and Virginia retained the top three spots in this week's poll, with Hopkins getting 15 first-place votes and Duke nabbing three. However, it's a log-jam after that. Losses by Maryland and Navy blew the field wide open. Georgetown moved into fourth place, followed by Army, Syracuse and Maryland. The four teams are separated by only 10 points, and Army is just one point out of fourth place. Albany moved into the top 20 this week following wins over Stony Brook and Dartmouth. Dartmouth rebounded from that loss with a victory over Notre Dame, causing the Irish to fall and the polls and the Big Green to rise. Stony Brook dropped out of the top 20, as did Princeton and North Carolina. In addition to Albany, Denver and Loyola moved into the poll.


Inside Lacrosse Media Poll

April 4, 2005


1. Hopkins (6-0)- 447 points (15 first place votes)

2. Duke (11-0)- 431 (3)

3. Virginia (7-1)- 418

4. Georgetown (5-2)- 365

5. Army (7-1)- 364

6. Syracuse (4-3)- 362

7. Maryland (5-3)- 355

8. Navy (7-2)- 332

9. Notre Dame (5-2)- 299

10. Cornell (4-2)- 283

11. Massachusetts (6-2)- 254

12. Bucknell (6-2)- 243

13. Dartmouth (4-2)- 207

14. Hobart (5-3)- 194

15. Brown (3-2)- 164

16. Towson (5-3)- 149

17. Loyola (4-3)- 134

18. Albany (5-2)- 113

19. Denver (5-2)- 95

20. Hofstra (3-6)- 92


Others receiving votes: Stony Brook 70, Delaware 65, Yale 65, Fairfield 57, Villanova 52, Princeton 43, North Carolina 34, UMBC 19, Harvard 7, Colgate 3

Moving in: Albany, Denver, Loyola

Dropping out: Stony Brook, Princeton, North Carolina

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Princeton hasnt won a game all year, so its not to surprising. Hopkins game is key to if we stay in this ranking or not. If we lose, which i have a feeling we will but i hope we dont, we need to lose not in a blow out, keep it close. If we win, WHCH WOULD BE SICK, THIS TEAM SHOULD PASS EVERYONE AND BE IN THE TOP TEN.

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I think UA plays number 1 Hopkins later this week...

Tomorrow. JHU has beaten UMBC 9-6, Hofstra 11-5, and have only scored more than 10 goals twice (12 vs. Syracuse in OT).


Albany's laxpower RPI is now TENTH, should go up regardless of score after Hopkins.

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Inside Lacrosse Player of the Week


NCAA Division I Men


Merrick Thomson, Attack, Albany


Albany had quite a week, knocking off Dartmouth on Tuesday and Stony Brook on Saturday, both of which were tied at 17th in last week's media poll. Propelling the Great Danes to victory was Merrick Thomson, who had a combined 7 goals and 4 assists in the two games. Against Stony Brook Thomson had 4 goals and 2 assists and against Dartmouth he tallied 3 goals and 2 assists. He did it all with great accuracy, scoring his 7 goals off of 11 shots.

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I find it absolutely laughable that Princeton, a team with no wins continues to receive votes. How is that possible??????????? THEY HAVE NOT WON A GAME!!!!!!


Just goes to show that the polls are part of the old boy lacrosse network that actually do not mean too much. I love that we are shaking up this ridiculous network by our play on the field. BRING ON SU AND HOPKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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