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Ummm....do we plan on announcing hoop recruits?

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Alum'73, my name is Gallagher Driscoll I don't hide behind stage names. Anyway

It says you were out of town when I was fired. What happened to me has nothing to do with Will Brown getting a contract extenstion or not. So nothing is hanging over his head in regards to me being let go.

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That's good to hear. But it makes me wonder what the reason is. Maybe when we're done paying off Beeten, we'll sign the next contract. What's your opinion on why there's a delay? I'd also like your thoughts on the effect not having a contract has on signing recruits and assistants.

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Saw Graham, Siggers, and Connelly today.


Graham looks a lot like Q does with long lanky arms. He's got an inch or two on Q with a few more pounds, but the same basic look. Really cool kid.


Siggers looks about the same height as Lucious, maybe has an inch on him but 6'4" looks to be a stretch. A bit thinner than Lucious as well.


Connelly looks NOTHING like the photo that Dane Pound has posted of him (can't find where it is now?)!!! His picture has him with fairly short hair, but now he has almost a small afro of curly blonde locks..lol. I know we've seen him listed anywhere from like 6'5" to I think 6'9", but it looks like we lucked out and he's on the high end of that. He looks about Brent's height and maybe a bit thinner, but pretty close to Brent's 230. So his listed 6'8" 225 looks pretty accurate to me.


Can't wait to see them on the court!!

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Good info.


I'm glad they are on campus. Hopefully the other players are there as well and they are getting ready for a big season.


I think that Connelly and Graham are going to have to bang inside so it's good that their height appeared to be close to advertised. If Siggers can make the perimeter shot, his height shouldn't matter as much.


Speaking of height, at the BPG, I was courtside watching pregame warmups when I saw Lillis talking to Levi and they were the same height. I think Lillis is 6'4 - which makes Levi even more impressive because he played a lot of 5 as a freshman and sophomore.

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The pictures of the recruits are in the Winter Sports forum at the top. It's called recruits for 05-06 and has pictures of all four guys coming in.


I'm not sure if it's just because he's from Texas or not but Siggers reminds me of Tommy Mitchell from Siena. He's certainly supposed to be a better shooter than Mitchell was but just in size and stature that's who first came to mind.


Funny you compared Q and Graham. When they first announced his signing Graham seemed like a perfect guy to have on the front of the press harrasing the passer and trapping the first guy to get the inbound pass. I thought Q was very good at that last year. They probably were a few guys too short to be able to do that last year for long stretches. Hopefully with a couple of more bodies this year they can do more of that.


I'm generally wrong when I try and pick who will make the biggest impact as a freshman (last year my pick was Dyson) but I'm looking forward to seeing Covington play. I see Bing giving us the most problems next year and I think a player like Covington is what we lacked most against them. He may take some time to develop but one of the things we've sorely lacked the past few years is a banger underneath who can post up. Hopefully he's that guy.

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Hmmm, good point. I'm not sure then. All I did was ask them so I'm not sure I guess.

I was thinking that maybe they thought I was meaning in HS (since I don't even know if they've been asigned #'s yet), and maybe I could've misheard Covington since 44 was his HS number (from the pic on this board). But I looked at some pics on Connelly from HS games and he's #21. So I have no idea. Sorry if I gave some wrong info.

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