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I'll be right back update

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I've seen the And 1 tour show on ESPN now and then. I'll have to catch the next one where Earv Opong plays for the Miami team.


Here's the story from the Miami Herald:

Posted on Sun, Jul. 10, 2005




AND 1 team left hopping mad


In a game filled with unbelievable highlights, the local squad shocked the AND 1 team, which blew a 21-point lead.




The Pharmacist got the pass in the lane. No opponent was in the same time zone. But the pudgy 5-7 guard didn't take the easy layup for the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour team.


The Pharmacist spread his legs wide, dribbled the ball between them and then in one motion made a perfect alley-oop pass to Spyda for a thunderous dunk. Next came the exclamation point. While hanging on the rim, Spyda pulled his legs up and wrapped them around his head, thinking, ``I hope the rim stays up.''


The crowd of 4,609 went wild Saturday night at AmericanAirlines Arena. Oh, no, this was not your daddy's basketball.


But in the end, the AND 1 team blew a 21-point second-half lead and lost 103-96 to the Miami team that included four players who had earned a spot on the team via the Open Run pickup games.


''We laid back on D and then the No. 4 dude [Taurian ``Air Up There'' Fontenette] got easy dunks,'' said the Pharmacist, who was born Jamar Davis. ``And we let I'll Be Right Back [Earv Opong] shoot the jump shots. That's how we lost.''


Well, that, and some extra running of their mouths.


''We got caught up in the trash talking and forgot about the game,'' said Washington native Hugh Jones, who was nicknamed ''Baby Shack'' because of his rebounding.


Baby Shack was thrilled to play on the new home court of his namesake, whom he has been rooting for since Shaquille O'Neal's playing days at LSU.


''I wanted to represent his name right,'' Baby Shack said, adding: ``Did he come to the game? I don't blame him if he didn't. The weather was bad.''


This was the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour's third trip to Miami in its sixth season. And it's the second time the game was played in the midst of a hurricane threat to Florida.


Baby Shack joked that the Pharmacist called him at 2 a.m. worried that his windows were shaking and said, ``Hold me.''


The Pharmacist gave him a look. But it was nothing compared to the ongoing cursing match between Aaron ''AO'' Owens, who led the AND 1 Tour team with 26 points and eight assists, and the traveling visitor team's coach, Mike Ellis.


''Nothing new, that happens all the time,'' said John ''High Octane'' Harvey. ``That's why we call him Big Mike because his mouth is so big.''


But now it is the AND 1 Tour regulars who will have to hear about the loss at least until Monday, when the 30-city tour resumes in Tampa at the Sun Dome. High Octane said losses also hurt longer because they are aired two weeks later on ESPN's Street Ball series.


The AND 1 Tour players put a premium on showmanship, but that doesn't mean they don't like to lose.


''We don't really take losses,'' the Pharmacist said. ``We have like 98 percent wins and 2 percent losses. So we really don't take losses. This is just we came back off the [Fourth of July] break, and we were partying. But it's no excuse.''


Actually, it's AND 1's third loss in the first 11 games of this season. One of them was to Houston, in which the NBA's Mike James played for the local team. The other loss was to Memphis.


Despite AND 1 being named after the basketball term for being awarded a free throw for getting fouled on a made basket, free throws are only shot in the last few minutes of AND 1 games to not disrupt the game's flow.


Baby Shack made two free throws with 1:14 left to tie the score at 96. He said: ``Yeah, a lot of people say that, that I shoot them [free throws] better than Shaq.''


But I'll Be Right Back nailed a three-pointer, Air Up There made two free throws, and for Miami's explanation point, I'll Be Right Back made a perfect alley-oop pass to The Aggressor for an aggressive you-guys-are-going-down dunk as time ran out.

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Just spent 30 minutes on my treadmill (need to do it more frequently) and watched the And1 show - they played in Miami, Orlando and Tampa and Earv was on fire.


Not sure how many points he had, but he made a lot of baskets - didn't shoot like the guy that made just 56 baskets his entire senior year shooting 34%.


Yes, I know it's a different kind of game.

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