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Who gets Q's Minutes

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With summer quickly coming to a close, has anyone seen the guys on campus play?


It should be interesting who will get the minutes at the 4 & 5. If we plan on Kirsten giving us 25 minutes at the 5 what will happen with the 55 minutes remaining at the power positions (4& 5).


We have - Levi, Brent, Covington, Graham and Connelly capable of getting time at those positions.


Anyone who has watched the new guys play - would you like to venture a guess of who will start at the 4 and how the rest of the time at the 4 or 5 might be distributed?

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I think what will end up happening is all these players will be used in role situations. Zoellner and Levi will most likely start each game as they did this season. After the first few minutes if say Zoellner isn't matching up well or is in Foul trouble we can send Convington, Grahm, Wilson, Connelly or Leachy in. Same with Levi or if say one of the three guards aren't doing so well you can move Levi to the three spot, and sub in one of the big guys for a guard.


Also say your going up against a bigger team that likes to crash the boards hard and realizes on getting those offensive rebounds, teams like Binghamton for example. You can start the game in a basic setup with J Wilson, Jordan, at the guards Levi at Small Foward, B Wilson at PF, and Zoellner at C. Or any other combination you can think of.


I think ultimately these players now create a overall better team and coach Brown should have a much easier time this year then he had in previous years. I think the greatest obsticle this year for the team will not be our opponents but ourselves, because quite frankley we have never been in the situation we are going to be in before, with this much talent and high expectations. Its going to be real easy to be over confident, and the team is going to have alot of presure on it. I'm sure that this has been on the mind of coach Brown and the players. I ultimately can't wait to that first home game of the season, because its going to be exciting season to watch. I also can't wait for the first football game of the season go UA....

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I highly doubt that the Leahy kid will play. Don't know much about him but Albany should be very good and he's a walk-on.


Also, it will be awful hard to keep B. Wilson out of the starting line-up. He is 6'8 and was All Rookie.


I think the only sure bet starters will be J. Wilson, L. Jordan, and Zollner.

I think Iati, Lillis, Levine, and Siggers will battle it out in the backcourt. I think B. Wilson, Covington, Connelly, Graham, and knotts will battle up front.


Sounds like good problems.

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Unfortunately that’s true I like Knott’s he is a hard nose physical player, but the players around him have just gotten taller. I feel the same way about Bauman I think red shirting him for a year would be good. Cause when I watched him in warm ups before games he had some really good stuff from beyond the arc. And he could be a good option after Wilson and Iati graduate. Coach Brown must be smiling on the inside with all the options he finally has. It should be interesting how Brown and the coaching staff utilize everything they have.

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I think the only sure bet starters will be J. Wilson, L. Jordan, and Zoellner.

I think Iati, Lillis, Levine, and Siggers will battle it out in the backcourt. I think B. Wilson, Covington, Connelly, Graham, and Knotts will battle up front.  - pool man

there were some a year back who doubted L. Levine being in the starting line-up for 04-05 ... barring injury, expect him to have a spot on the floor at the tip for 05-06 (position?)

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alumni '92' - Great observation. Levi will start somewhwere. He a "Man" with no position.


Not really quick enough for a three defensively and doesn't really attack the basket off the dribble from the perimeter.


Too small for a four both heightwise and weightwise but he's tougher than nails.


He's just a real "Player" with tremendous desire and heart.


He's good enough to make the staff play him somewhere and that's good for the Dane's.

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I actually liked Levi at the four the few times it happened last year. He rebounded well in those games and didn't have a problem defensively if I recall. He has a pretty good post up game which he showed more in the first two years when he had to play under the basket much more. As Patch said he doesn't really drive but is such a good outside shooter he makes other PF uncomfortable guarding him out on the perimeter. I always think of Haddix out there with him his freshman year. He got a ton of good looks because Haddix didn't want to go out there and guard him.


I hope he can provide some leadership this year and not get distracted by the officiating. He's too good of a player to get involved in that. If I'm not mistaken he and Knotts will be the first players in Albany's DI history to play under the same coach all four years. Here's hoping he's the first in a long streak.


Quite a testament to this teams depth and the quality of Brown's recruting if a player of Brent Wilson's caliber can't break the starting line-up. Anytime in the past he would have been a lock to be starting. Should be interesting to see if he starts playing more underneath instead of mainly bombing from outisde.


Don't know much about the incoming guys other than Covington is highly regarded. I can't see Brown starting one of the freshman unless they are off the charts in terms of talent but it would be nice if either Covington or Connelly were a threat to score down low. It would really give teams a ton of options to defend. Graham physically looks like the perfect guy to play the front end of the press hounding the inbounder and then trapping. One of the things Q was really good at.

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The thing that interests me the most is that I've heard Lillis looks pretty good.


If that's true - how do you keep him off the floor.


He can play three positions the 1,2 & 3 has great size is tenacious and plays with that "Charlie Hustle" attitude.


If he shows more offense all the perimeter guys minutes are going to suffer.

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I know it's a bit off thread topic, but I saw Zo on campus yesterday and it looks like he put a bit of weight (looked like good muslce type weight as opposed to lack of keeping in shape weight) on during the summer, especially in the legs.


Gonna be scary having even more size on defense with him in the lane. Hopefully he was able to put in some work on a few moves to the basket. Anxious to see how he turns out this year.

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