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Siena struggling to keep control of Albany

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I find it interesting that Siena is winning the battle of the media. They are working hard to keep its name recognition in Albany.


The Times Union has had a steady diet of Siena interest articles while it is evident UA is a second class citizen because even our opening scrimmage was not given a solid write up, just a side light mention.


In other words someone is doing their homework and someone isn't. You would think this is the year Albany you work to make sure they got as much visibility and print as possible.


When is our exhibition game and who is it against? Has that been advertised at all?

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I've felt the same as Patch. Siena's PR Dept. has been very successful in getting daily exposure for their program despite it's mediocrity(sub-mediocrity). So, it was good to see an article in this morning's Times Onion on John Iati.

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olddog71 - I totally agree with you about letting the record for the coming season speak for itself.


But we are in competition for fans - preseason press and solid transmittance of information will probably help our early season attendance.


"Build it and they will come" - is only true if they, the fans, know that it is there and in our case they know in advance when games are played.


I think it would be nice to see 3,000 or so at our Exhibition game but if the local media doesn't hype it no matter how hard people like Charlie V. and Brian D. work we won't get the message out.


When we start winning the Albany Media will be forced to respect us more and our record will speak volumes in getting us more notoriety.


With that said it was indeed good to see the Iati article in the TU, of course I wait for the day when the UA article is the lead collegiate article not just an additional article.

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It is tough to change perceptions. Whether we like it or not, Siena is still perceived to be the premiers college basketball team in the region. The fact that Albany beat them last year and will be among the conference favorites doesn't matter much.


I don't live in the area nor do I get there very often, but my take is that the community still does not see the programs as equal. To the community, Siena has been a solid mid major for many years - when UA was a D3 program, Siena was in the NCAA's (I think).


How does that change?

1. Winning the conference / getting to the big dance.

2. Significant increase in promotional activities.

3. Winning significant non conference games.


In terms of promotional activity, there is no reason that the website can't be updated to provide information and updates on the players and team almost real time. No reason that they can't get people in the RACC to create a brand awareness - give the tickets away if you have to. People need to become familiar with the brand and understand that it is high quality.


I would hope that Charlie and company are putting together a plan to create an increased awareness of the program (and I would hope they don't put together another task force). No reason UA can't average 3k fans this year. If that happens, I believe the media coverage will continue to improve.

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Siena has history and an edge in facilities that we need to overcome. Siena does their own promotions and benefit from additional promotion done by the Pepsi Arena. The fans don't get any better parking but better seating for all that aren't in chairbacks at the raac, as well as adequate concessions. The UA events should get as much press as Siena's. I assume our PR staff will get the events (at least the major ones) in the paper and on TV and radio.

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Siena gets more respect now in the Capital District media simply because of tradition and Siena's history. When Siena won major games in the 1950's and then got to the Big Dance since rejoining Division I in the 1970's, they earned the right for bragging rights in the Capital District.


Believe me, I am no great Siena fan, but the facts are the facts.


Today people do not always retain loyalties so firecely and they also have forgotten tradition, so I think that trend works in UAlbany's favor. When we begin to win this year, fans will come to the RACC. I believe we can average 3,500 fans per game in January and February.


The trick will be to retain the new fans after this season.


(P.S. My wife just loves the parking pass privilege that was instituted at the RACC last year. It is so-o-o much easier to find a nice spot to put the car than at the Pepsi.)

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We too enjoy the parking pass system, but also the parking level entrance for season pass holders. We have had season passes since Albany went D-I. Mainly because we wanted to see UA rise once again to the level of Siena. We attended UA, although it had a different name--several different names--when we first began to defeat Siena on a regular basis and we knew it could happen again. We are fortunate to have two D-I teams in such a small market, fortuantely we are now the better one!! Don't worry, the fans will come!!!

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