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I was perusing the Sasaki and Clough Harbor sites for some pics of the master plan (anyone have it...please send me a link or a post so I can see it).


Interesting to note was that RPI (I forget if it was on Sasaki or Clough) has a master athletic plan which includes a huge...I mean at least the same seating as the new proposed stadium....football stadium planned to the left of Houston field house and above the current lacrosse/track stadium.


Are there any rumblings of a D-1 move for them? They always seemed a natural fit size wise, endowment, and the DI program already in place for hockey. As for a conference....it would be a no-brainer....PL...which would accept them with open arms. Recruiting wise...we would probably recruit a different caliber of athlete in most sports (except lax).

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Here's what's on display in the RACC


The building between Indian Quad and Fallon Field is labeled a multi-purpose practice facility.

The building between the softball field and the gym is a student recreation facility (possible new pool and indoor track)

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Just out of curriosity where is the parking going to be, 14,000 people would bring alot of traffic, also is their going to be a new Arena for the Men and Women Basketball?



Also could someone give a listening of what the different numbers for the fields are. Is each Sport getting its own field?


I won't be in Albany till the 16th so I may not be able to see this in the RACC

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Here's a link to a bigger image: Master Plan


105 parking spaces west of the stadium, 310 on the east side. Obviously the rest of the campus and the state office campus lots may have to be used.


Nothing about new basketball arenas. The RACC is only 12 years old. Maybe it could be expanded a little; if we need a big expansion the Pepsi Arena makes more $ense.


1 football stadium

2 track stadium with soccer field (3,500)

3 field hockey and lacrosse (2,500)

4 tennis courts (14)

5 multi-purpose student recreation center

6 multi-purpose practice facility

7 soccer (2,500)

8 practice fields

9 baseball (2,500)

10 UAlbany Bowl/Cross-country trails/events area

11 University gym

12 RACC, expanded area for concessions, physical therapy,etc.


softball remains where it is

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Only guesses. The student rec area is probably the next most expensive and would have to wait for money. If the football stadium is built they'd want the events area ready for tailgating, pregame parties, etc. That means they'd have to have the new track built first. The track wipes out the Dutch Quad tennis courts. The new courts are partly where the bubble is now. Unless you want to do without an indoor practice area you have to have a replacement for the bubble first.


It depends on if they want to do without something during the construction phase (tennis could be off-campus, for example). It would be nice if more than one venue was done at a time. The baseball field is probably the least-critical improvement.

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