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oK I was there when the bus pulled up. As I stood there with my 8 year old daughter to applaud the effort of the players and coaching staff I took a moment to look around. I saw many dedicated fans who truly care about the team and most likely have followed the program through its ups and downs. Many stood out in the cold longer than I did or would have liked to. But one question remained that I asked during my stay as a student in the 90's and the question returned.


Where were the students? I thought the University should have coordinated a better turnout or the student government should of arranged something! I hope they host a post tourney pep rally to honor the achievments of the team. Perhaps the #1 party school returned true to form..... party all night and sleep the weekend away. Party till four....wake up for some breakfast before 11 then return to the warm beds in the cold concrete towers.


I am not blaming the students as many have showed support in times of wins but where were they when the athletes needed them most, after a loss. I hope the school spirit that was abscent for many years does not diminish. Lets all continue to support all the Danes sports teams today and for the future.

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there was no information given to the students...



I have to agree with GD84 here in defense of the students a bit as I also didn't make it out to the RACC to see the Danes arrive. No word was given to the students. The only way I found out was through reading one of the TU articles yesterday that briefly mentioned they were planning on getting back around 3pm. This year the students have been kind of trained that any official info on the basketball team would be posted on the Athletics website, where there was no announcement of their arrival.


Waking up around 1:30p after getting back to my apt. around 4am because I stayed around after the game to congratulate the players and coaches (as did a number of students at the Wachovia Center), didn't exactly leave a lot in my tank to try and wake up at 9am to check and see what time the bus might be getting back.


Remember, 100 students signed up in 15-20 minutes to spend $60 of their limited college student budget to see a game 4 hours away and get back to campus around 2a-3a on a packed bus. So let's try and hold off an any student spirit bashing until we see how many hold-overs come out to the games next season.

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wELL, I would like to retract my statement to the students as I was not trying to bash them. Too bad the university did not post anything to the students to let them know of the team return. Hopefully the university will make amends for this and give them a homecoming later in the week if possible.


Overall ....nice job by many of the students and lets build on the success.


One side comment.....as the school did get one thing right. On Saturday my phone was ringing asking for more $$$ donations to the school.


Lax team one on Saturday.


Also anyone know why Vermont played at our place on Saturday as we played Drexel?

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I have a feeling this most recent event was poorly planned. Probably most of the people who are responsible for posting information on the athletic site were at the game, and it just has not been a common occurrence for our teams to be feted that way. Or maybe I'm just trying to find an excuse.


Does anyone know how well the party at the Pearl went last night, or are most of them still not awake? Did any members of the team show up at the party?


How ever last night went, the team and staff members have to know by now how much the university community thanks all responsible for a very great season - far better than even most of us long-timers could have hoped for!

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