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I was just looking over our incoming recruits and saw that Tim Ambrose is currently at Iona prep based on the information available at the ESPN recruiting site. Does anyone know if this is accurate or is he on campus taking classes? ESPN (provided by Scouts Inc.) gives him a grade of 78 and the 79th best SG in the class of 2007. The grades mean the following........


80-89: Outstanding Prospect

Player has the ability to create mismatches against most opponents. He is a player that could be a contributor as a true freshman.


70-79: Good Prospect

Player does not dominate in every game, especially when matched up against the top players in the country. Could become a good starter at the Division I level.


60-69: Solid Prospect

This player is overmatched against the better players in the nation. His weaknesses will be exposed against top competition. Has the ability to develop into a solid contributor at the Division I level.


We haven't talked about this at all but caainsider is reporting that we also signed a Chauncey Gilliam 6-3 SG from Leap Academy. ESPN give him a grade of 75 and the 105th ranked SG in the class. I can't seem to find any other proof that he verballed or signed so I don't know what the story with this guy. If coach signed two freshmen to play one position does this mean that one of them isn't coming? Since we are already deep at SG. I'm puzzled by Gilliam and if we actually have a commitment from him.


Anthony Raffa was given a score of 75 and the 94th best PG in the class.


Which brings us to Billy Allen. Billy Allen as recent as two weeks ago was given a score of 82 but immediately after signing with UA was given a grade of 71. First of all how does a player go from 82 to 71? Current score is 71 and 117th best SF in the class. It seems like players take a serious hit when these ranking sites see him sign for a mid to low major conf. As of right now he appears to be the best player in the incoming class to the AE.


I know these ranking are to be taken with a grain of salt but its just interesting to see how the future is staking up. And if anyone has any further info on Chauncy.

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From what I remember, past threads have indicated that people have seen Tim Ambrose on campus and he is taking classes. I can't confirm this myself, but maybe one of the other members of the site can verify that.


Plus the roster for the Iona Prep basketball team is listed on the site below and there is no mention of Ambrose. I actually went to Iona Prep and it would make no sense for him to be there.



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Chauncy Gilliam said in an interview with Jay Gomes that he would prep for a year after high school. He'll graduated in June and then go to prep school. Not much more there that we hadn't seen before about him excpet that the other schools he considered were Richmond, Ball State, James Madison and Bucknell.

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