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Pre-game/Post-game UVSC Stories

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Disappointing loss tonight. Rodger and Greg were saying we were squeezed most of the game with the fouls but we had a 10 point lead at the half and shot poorly in the second half except for Iati. Jamar again with mediocre play, Siggers still had the sore ankle, Brent in foul trouble, Gifford invisible, Covington traveling all over the place, and on and on. A sweep would have been nice and given the team an 8-4 record which is what I was looking for at the beginning of the season. This win would have had us with a 6 game winning steak with more to come possibly. Remember we had 2 8-game streaks last year.

Now we have the conference schedule and we start against New Hampshire which looks like a win on paper but they swept us last year. Need to get everyone healthy, Jamar back on track, Ross some minutes, Lillis out of early foul trouble, Gifford into the flow of the game, and hopefully the old Iati is back. Everyone agree?


Happy New Year to all!!

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Danes Fall from Peak to Valley - TU

UVSC Takes Down Albany - Daily Herald


I didn't think Coach Brown's comments either after the game on the radio or in paper were that inflamatory about the officials. We were listening to the game at some friend's house and were actually kind of happy he argued enough to get the technical. I can't remember the last time that's happened.


Glad to see Iati erupt in the second half. We are going to need him during the upcoming stretch of conference games all bunched together. I had thought by this point in the season we'd be a deeper team than we are now. It's going to be tough to count on the big three (Wilson twins and Siggers) night in and night out to provide so much scoring.

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"That was a good team," Hunsaker said. "This is arguably as good of team as we've had the upper hand with since we've been a Division I program."


Doesn't that quote make you feel proud? Makes me feel recognized as a solid program. A loss is a loss, but the team is making so much progress from some of the stinkers we put up in that 4 loss stretch earlier in the season, I really can't complain. Iati dropping 7 tre's is a huge positive we can take into the upcoming confrence schedule, if anything.

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