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2 More Commitments?????

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I did some research. Professor do you know which guard? There are three WG listed...6'4, 6'5, 6'6. With all the bull about changing peoples heights, I was wondering which of the three was correct. This team absolutely smoked people in the Chicago tourney.

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I asked and I was told his last name is Lillis and that he was hurt this summer. Played on a bad knee. Supposedly before the summer he had alot of higher level schools recruiting him. Missouri Valley and one from the Big Ten


He was listed at 6'3 as a junior and I've seen him listed at 6'4 and 6'5. Guy's on the team say he is 6'5 200 lbs. Maybe even taller. He might still grow. His sister was All Big Ten at Iowa last year as a junior. She is 6'1. He still might be growing. Rumor has it that he can play the 1,2, and 3.


Could be a steal!

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I am not getting too hyped - the UA staff over the last year and a half have been in the hunt for some really strong MId Major Talent - but do to the history of UA DI Hoop there is no real magneticism to The Danes and they finish up placing second in the recruiting race and only first place counts.


I'll getted hyped when we get solid verbals and then signed LOI in November.


If we get the 2 kids from Iowa and the forward from Georgia it will be a big sign that people realize the coaching staff is building something good at UA.


If we get those kids signed recruiting will be even better in the future and the Danes will be a perrennial solid competitor in the AE.

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The professor was about 6 days premature but was right on that the 2 kids from Iowa would commit. This make 3 early solid signees for the Danes - Bauman is a 6'2" 1/2 Combo guard, Lillis is a 6'5" Wing player a 2/3 who has the ability to handle a little at the 1 and 6'8" Wilson who will be a 4 who can face up to the basket and be very effective, especially with "Das Big Man" inside.


One more scholarship left should be interesting if Pfohl from Ga. commits early or will Brown wait to see if he can get another 6'8"+ kid later or maybe a quality transfer later in the year. We can probably afford to have someone sit out a year now that we will have some depth.

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Brian Pfohl 6'8" - 4 man with good offensive moves around the basket. Suppose to be a pretty tough kid out of Atlanta, Ga. I heard Coach Brown really likes him. Rivals.com thinks he may have the possibility of growing a few more inches. I don't know why or how they stated that but it was is his profile.

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Rivals said I may grow a few more inches also. They didn't say if it was horizonially or vertically.


Pfohl is pretty solid too. Around 240lbs or so. Picture of him below. As far as being tough he should be. His father was pro wresler Lex Luger

Pfohl story-middle of story





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