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LCC Game 2007

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Received my season ticket application today. Separate from the season ticket package is


"Mens' Basketball vs. Siena - Date TBA $20"


I note it doesn't say "AT $iena". The season ticket package does say 'Does not include any games designated as home games and played at neutral sites', so we'll see what that means. .


Amazingly, prices are the same otherwise - $250 courtside, $150 chairbacks, $100 benches. 10% discount by June 1. Renewed seats are saved until August 1.

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local rivalry


Let's also remember the make up of the local alumni population. LCC is a very parocial & local institution w/ generations of Capital District residents having attended that college. They come from (to a large degree) & stay in the Capital District. Many truly believe that their's is a college steeped in tradition (including its hoop tradition) that is not unlike a local Notre Dame albeit smaller. Generations either are alums or hope for their progeny to be alums.

UAlbany alums are far more far flung. Let's face it a lot (predominance) of our alums are not from, nor remain in the Capital District.

Naturally, the local area has come to follow Siena...... That is what is changing so rapidly. There is a choice now & not only will our alums pay more attention & keep in touch longer, but the locals who aren't alums actually can root for something other than a portly & bad dancing St. Bernard. People don't remember Albany State's equal status with Siena in the early Doc years. They remember LCC playing in D 1 while that big state school was only still playing around with D3 entities. 2 very good years in a row is the start of an irreversible trend that can only favor the Great Danes.


That is some of what this transition is facing and that piece doesn't have much to do w/ hardwoord reality or quality of very recent seasons. It's generational, parocial & to some extent political not only in the governmental sense but in the public vs. private sensibility.


Anyone still awake after all that hot air? Sorry thus endeth the sermon ;-)

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Lets face it the game is good for the Albany Region' true hoop fans.


The first two contracts for the DI match up has been heavily favoring Siena and rightly so.


Now is a new era, the teams are fairly evenly matched with Siena winning two of the last three one in OT and the other in double OT, the Danes won the other in a convincing manner.


Instead of stating opinions lets talk facts.....


1. The Danes have had the higher RPI the past three seasons.


2. The Danes have played in a conference with a higher RPI 2 of the past three seasons.


3. The Danes have had 2 NCAA appearances in the last 3 years the Saints "0"


4. The Danes have won 57 games in the last three years the Saints have won 41


We can't factually say what will happen in the future but we can say the Danes in the last three seasons have had a better RPI, the AE has been the better rated conference 2 of the past 3 seasons and the Danes have won 16 more games during the same span.


Any new contract has to be as equitable as possible.


If a new deal isn't worked out the area's fans will be the true losers, as both schools will go their own way and both will not miss a beat.

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I agree w Old Dog...that's why I suggested the moeny from this game be "split right down the middle"...and per O-D's sugestion...I have made my concerns about the game known to U-A and I beleive that the next contract with them will better reflect parity....I was told that when Kermit Hall was first appraised of this contract he found its terms to be totally untenable...and that fact is not lost on the folks that remain...we have tons of negotiating power here...we remain the biggest draw on the Siena schedule...that's an inescapable fact that no one can dispute or refute...for them to not want to even get 50 % from a 11-12 k attendance would be just plain dumb from their perspective and I don't think they would do it...


I look for future games (that will be for the first time this year be play in the Times Union Center...and don't think for a moment think that the T-U will want to foster a situation that in this instance favors one school over another...they have too much invested) to have a more neutral character...also despite comments to the contrary I continue to stand by my comments that Siena is looking to build an on campus facility across the street...the reason the story may have been nixed had more to do with the fact that plans aren't fully baked, in the private Catholic college business model...you need a donor's name (I am talking individual's name here...not corporate naming rights..) .before they publicly commit to anything that approach has worked succesfully in the past and fosters additional large private donations...it's how that business is done and the Trustees/Siena movers/shakers are in the process of nailing down that donor...but those plans for a facility remain...its just too expensive for them to remain at TUC for all home games...they will by say 2011 or so...be playing 80-90 percent of their games back in L-ville where the seats will be cheaper...the students can get to the games and the place will be livelier and fuller....



It may be too early to talk about us going to the TUC once or twice a year but I continue to believe a joint doubleheader event or two would pack the place and bring in dough for both programs.....there are alot of D-1 players at majors whose programs could perhaps be attracted to visit the TUC and play a feature game in such an event...for example...the Battle kid from Maginn is going to Penn State next fall and that kid from Glens Falls is headed to BYU...I would guess that either program might be willing come here to play either us or Siena at such an even,playing games close to home is now a valid and often used recruiting tool...while the Siena folks will perhaps spin other stories about it...the primary reason why my Orange came here to play them a couple of years back to a packed house (made up 80 percent by Orange fans BTE) was to give Craig Forth the chance to play in his home town in his senior year...we did the same last year for Knotts and are doing something similar for Brent and Brian next winter in Iowa....that said we should never ever consider letting go of SEFCU as our home court. But the TUC is owned by the county and as a county taxpayer I think U-A as the largest higher ed institution in the county has a legitimate right to access!!! These events would only be extra special once or twice a year deals...but I guarantee that fan interest would be tremendous...win win for everyone

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