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I love this rivalry here. Nothing better than an in-state private school rival with national name recognition.


Plus an old NEC foe at head coach (Tom Masella) for Fordham should prove for some interesting gameplanning.


I'll be there.


Alumni tailgating at 4pm.


See www.albany.edu/alumni for info.



On the game side, we need to establish the ground game early. I like to see 32 passing attempts, but only if there is a 250+ rushing stat on the other side.

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A couple of observations from Colgate before we move on:


1) A very winnable game thanks to our D which is better then I thought. Of course Colgate was one dimensional but the D couldn't be asked to do more. The only play against them was a miracle 3-13 conversion, which I thought we would stop then go down and get the FG and win.


2) Oline was supposed to be unstoppable...what a let down. They are too big not to be able to push Defenders around. I will give credit to Colgate's D as they were very good. BTW the running game looks like it was in slowmotion. Either that or their D was much faster then I thought. By the same token this Oline provided Esposito with plenty of time to throw. He was only sacked twice and one was from behind when he started to run upfield. They need to establish the run!


3) Playcalling...I have read where their were groans to the play selection. I only half agree. They were obviously trying to run the game clock down with typical grind it out UA style but they were unable to do that. My questions is where was the options or misdirections? I believe a flea flicker in the 4th would have caught them sleeping. They were playing run all the way. They gained nice yardage with the option. Hey we may have to pass more this week.


4) Special teams? What can I say. They are a work in progress. Take away the opening KO and we win.



Now the good:


1) This Esposito kid is fantastic. He makes good decisions and he has an arm. Plus he runs real well, although I thought he would be faster. Then again I keep forgetting that Colgate's D was very quick. Bocanegra may be the best reciever UA has. That will develope and if we can spring him I believe he is fast enough to take it to the house.


2) D goes without mention due to the fact that they are scary good. I worry about pass D but they are run stoppers for sure!


This week Fordham is a MUST win! I don't have to tell you who is up the next two weeks. Hofstra will be beaten soundly this week and will be looking for their first win. 1-1 is alot better to play with then 0-2. Like Danefan stated I hope they throw 30 times but I would like a 150-200 yard outing on the ground

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I believe last weekends game was televised on TW3, will this one be?


EDIT: Never mind just looked it up. They will re-run the Colgate game the Fordham game will not be televised.


Don't we have a game this weekend people, it looks like it's the off season around here. Let's get'r done tomorrow!

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