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Tonight's Vermont Game

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Back home from the RACC & enjoyed the game very much. I thought the atmosphere was great. The team again showed a lot of heart as could have easily become a rout as tough start. It's a tease to see the player's sitting on the bench in street clothes as would probably be mostly starters. I would have loved to see the 7 footer come in & make that Vermont center eat some of his shots. The referees were just awful (not trying to make excuses) as made it even more of uphill battle for us. Next year if we finally have some good fortune w/ player's health, I believe we will be a real contender for that NCAA birth as this years freshmen should be real solid as well having to play many minutes.

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I was going to put this in my post about the game but forgot. I thought the pep band did a nice job for their first showing. It seemed like between the piped-in music for the dancers and the contests they didn't get alot of chances to play but sounded good when they did. I'd like to see them on the other side of the RACC right behind the opponents bench so they can play during their timeouts. It probably will be better when they are closer to the students. Speaking of the students I thought they showed alot of energy last night-good to see. Happy to see the flag guy is back!

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a nice opening night for the pep band ... a long, overdue addition to home games ... both music and fashion critics gave praise for their efforts ... little things matter ... gutsy second half by the team after a painful start ... and yes, the flag guy too deserves recognition, he showed more than a little hustle in getting to the far end of the floor for opposition free throws ... nice work

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It was great last night. I think the pizza party caused the bleachers on the visitors end to be closed. I think if the Pep Band were there for the visitors, as posted earlier, that would be a nice annoyance for them. It was a great effort and the team never gives up!

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1) Nice to see the pep band in attendance. Good, first overall effort. I am sure they will improve with time. To be honest, I was expecting a group of 30 or 40-year old alums leading the show. However, seemed like 85 percent of the band was students. Maybe, they will become good enough and possess plenty of songs to overtake the music and sound system (we won't talk about that, everyone knows what I am talking about). Loved the rugby shirts. Can they sell those at the memorabilia stand???


2) That sound system is embarrassing. Every game something happens. Bottom line > no new system and equipment = no conference tourney at the RACC.


3) I hope as our teams get better over time the fans will start to sense what a true college basketball atmosphere is all about (i.e., when Albany starts a run, get off your fannies and cheer or atleast clap your hands, nothing is more demoralizing to a visiting team when they feel the home crowd engulf the arena like a rising tidal wave of noise). Maybe not this year, but next year, I will witness my first game, when the fans stand on their feet in support of a good spurt of defense or offense (while the game is going on, not when the whistle is blown for a media timeout). Another example, the noise is so loud, it forces the other coach to call a timeout.

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