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ESPN2 UAlbany Commercial

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I thought I'd run this by my fellow Great Dane fans and alumni.


I just witnessed a commercial on ESPN2 advertising UAlbany basketball, on Time Warner Cable in the capital district.


It was just at the beginning of the Syracuse / Ohio State game.


Never saw a UAlbany commercial, other than on TW3 during a football or basketball telecast.


Pretty damn cool to see the advertisement!!


Liking what I see! Good job by the AD to get some commercials out on ESPN.

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I had just switched the channel onto ESPN2 and it was on...


there was a big UA logo and it was plugging the Sacred Heart game,


and flashing the UAlbany ticket number...


It looked high quality.



In the Schenectady Gazette today, the front page of the sports section was a huge article covering the game last night.

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I was just thinking the other day that we should get the word out more on the program(and all UA spors in general). Good to see the Athletic Department advertising. I don't think there is a better bang for your buck than what goes on at SEFCU. Same said for the Varsity Club. I know most of you are probably members but if your not, you should be. Great thing to be a part of. Just my two cents.

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I like this topic ... please allow me to expand it somewhat and talk about advertising for our school in general. It is my understanding that the marketing department is about to unveil something or other in the near future. But that is about all I know.


On the topic of marketing in general for UAlbany, I know that marketing and advertising costs money. Indeed, we probably wouldn't undertake a measure such as the one, for example, that Syracuse did with putting its "New York's College Team" advertisement CDTA buses and NYC cabs, etc., but perhaps there is something more cost effective that we can come up with. So, see below.


By way of example, I would greatly enjoy viewing some of those billboards along I-90 between exits 2 and 6 were they used for something other than car dealerships and Siena basketball. Somewhere around exit 5, there is now (along the westbound lane side) a billboard that has its front and back "lit up" (it's some sort of pixel-based or LCD screen??) so that different advertisements can be shown each day). So, how about an advertisement for UAlbany basketball games while all those THOUSANDS of people sit in rush-hour traffic going nowhere!


Looks like this is where we'd (or UAlbany or a group of motivated alumni) start: http://www.langmedia.com/pages/home/home.a...mp;initialize=y


These are all the various types of ways you can advertise through Lang Media: http://www.langmedia.com/pages/products/products.asp


Here is the list of locations for Lang Media's Boards along highways, etc.: http://www.langmedia.com/pages/products/bu...elect=Bulletins


If nothing else, more advertisements viewable across our region increases our profile and puts out the Division I image that our amazing student athletes have earned through their hard work and dedication!


Thoughts? I'm sure others here could offer much more information and insight than I ... .

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Quick note:


Just saw the same commercial on ESPN2 during the Ohio State game at 7:30.


They had alot of highlights of the men's b-ball games.


They were saying come to SEFCU and catch the action...

Pumping the Sacred Heart game, saying they are the NEC preseason favorites.


Very nice.......................!


As for the billboards on the highways, that would be a great touch as well.

There is a segment of the population that might have heard about UAlbany athletics, but maybe need some nudges to get them to inquire, and eventually get involved with the real New York State Team, one that really represents NY!!

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