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Stadium Funding and UAlbany Flagship


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That's what many of us fail to realize - the politicians have more on their mind then UA's football stadium especially if they anticipate lay offs or major budget issues.


What we would like to do and what we are able to do much of the time doesn't matchup.


If we leave this website and enter the real world out there how many NYS citizens other then us were disappointed that UA didn't get their funds for a new football stadium.


In fact more were happy that we didn't get the money because it probably alloweded some other groups to be funded.


Reality is a tough pill to swallow.


True. But it doesn't mean we can't bitch about it on here, does it? In fact, this is probably the only place we can go to complain. Nobody else cares.


LOL....'aint that the truth. This board is our safety blanket where we can all go and commiserate.

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Heck this is an open board. Thanks Dane Pound!!!!!!


"Bitch" all you want - but its not going to turn "chicken $iena into chicken salad"


Some say its good to vent but if you hyperventilating be careful you might blackout and fall flat on your face and break the thing that issues your words.


Remember "it easy to recognize problems it's much harder to solve them!!!!!"

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First, I would hope your 6 months worth of time on this board would not be long enough to form that type of opinion about me.


Where you think I'm criticizing you, I'm simply trying to provide information or show where we might not have all (or even most) of the info. I have enough experience working in and around this exact field to have seen that there are plenty of things going on that the general public doesn't hear or see through newspaper articles, news reports, or press releases.


I simply try to offer information on these topics, as I'm often surrounded by them at a professional level on a daily basis. If you, and others here, feel that my posts are simply 'criticizing,' I know that myself, and others around me here on the board who are in similar positions, would be more than happy to remove ourselves from conversations about these issues and refrain from providing additional information here on out.


Thankfully you do have something to offer this board in the form of state government process knowledge. At 23, and as you obtain more experience and knowledge in the field, you will probably have even more to contribute. And thank you to the many posters here that offer their observation, perspective, opinion, and fact. But, personal attack and criticism against fellow posters is ridiculous and childish.


It is universally known that there is plenty of work done behind closed doors in the government. I agree some needs to be done privately. The more the people in higher positions proclaim the importance of the stadium, the better off we are… An occasional, passing statement doesn’t do much for me.


They are under no obligation to fight for the stadium. But, if one proclaims to be a strong supporter, let’s see some action, leadership, and results. I’d like to have some leaders in Albany like LaValle, leaders who wear their feelings on their sleeves. Everyone knows LaValle publicly loves, supports, and will continue to champion for his Stony Brook.


My original comment was intended to imply not enough is being done PUBLICLY. Several key officials have not done enough PUBLICLY. I won’t name names, in order to avoid rustling feathers.


The ‘sample size’ was enough to formulate my opinion on your personal style. The people in similar governmental positions as yourself, who reside at this board, probably don’t need you to talk for them. Speaking for oneself is the best way to go.



With all due respect, what functional purpose was served by saying....."Like too many of your posts, it might be a good idea to have all the facts before you continue to criticize decision-makers."?


There are undoubtedly people who are more in the know then others, but instead of taking the high road and simply passing along information, the statements are made with an air of superiority at the same time condescending towards those who might not be as well connected. Kind of like....what the hell do you know, who do you think you are. ......"DUDE...you really need to understand recruiting A LOT MORE" etc. I, to a point see where uofa is coming from.


Thank you for pointing out this pattern.


To be honest I support GODANESGO 100%.


He directly responds to posts that are total opinions and not based on facts.

He delivers facts and when he offers his opinion he clearly states that it is an opinion.


GODANESGO - thank you for supplying this board with information and insight and don't let a minority of posters who don't see the entire picture shut the other members of this board off from solid information.


I agree he responds to posts that have something to do with the workings of government, because he feels superior in that micro-area. He takes any criticism or negative observation to heart. He feels the need to defend the system in whatever manner, respectful or not. Trusting public officials and any closed door negotiation isn’t recommended. Commenting on observable action is what’s available.


This conversation, as off-topic as it may be, brings up a good point.


Is there a reason why Jennings (and others) have not publicly supported this project or commented since the budget was passed?


I'm in no way questioning what happens behind the scenes, because I don't know. What I am questioning is why more isn't made public.


And don't tell me "that's how politics works". Because I know how politics works. It works in front and behind closed doors. At least thats the way it works effectively. Maybe there is too much going on here behind closed doors. Maybe that why we don't have a big $$$$ donor for the stadium. Who wants to donate to something they know nothing about and whose status is apparently secret.


That's why people have the opinions of politicians that they do. The way this whole situation has been handled to date in my opinion, gives the air of "you silly little fans don't need to know. We'll handle it and you just sit there and write checks."


Well said danefan. I agree with you 100%.

I thought this board would offer comradery.

It almost seems as though there is a lining of jealousy and envy.

I guess there will always be Top Dogs, and those who think that they are Top Dog.

There will be ones that Proclaim their importance, and those who Prove their importance.


uofalbany, if you really want to know what mayor Jennings is doing, then I suggest you ask the Mayor instead of asking "the board". Have you gone to the City's web-site and asked him? So many of the actions being taken are behind the scenes, the fact that you hear nothing doesn't mean that nothing is being done. How much did we know about the LAX stands until it was announced that they were being finished? Nothing except we were trying to get the $. While we would all like to know everthing that's going on regarding our facilities, it's just not going to happen.


Alum73, before I even knew this board existed, I was contacting officials… through letters, emails, and phone calls. I have been doing so for over 3 years. I have been a big supporter of UAlbany, which is why I started my blog. I try to do my part.


Then I stumbled upon this board. Because I became a member of this board only 6 months ago, does NOT mean I have less knowledge or an erroneous perspective on the Big Picture of the University and UAlbany athletics.


Yes, I have contacted the mayor’s office regarding the stadium, as well as for other reasons concerning UAlbany in the past. I never received a response regarding the stadium, and don’t recall ever having a return response. However, I have received a personal letter from a government official applauding my efforts in support of the stadium.




Before we got derailed with this stuff, I had asked for opinions….


Will the stadium be the Top Priority next year on the University list?

How much will we be asking for the stadium? 35m, the original 60m, or more?


If we did not ask for the upgrades to the student center or the business building, who thinks we would have gotten the original 60 million for the stadium?

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