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America East Standings

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Standings after games of 02.17.08. Note that Vermont lost to Stonybrook in overtime today, moving us into sole possession of third place:


UMBC 10-2

Hartford 9-4

Albany 8-5

Binghamton 8-6

Vermont 7-6

Boston University 7-6

New Hampshire 4-9

Maine 3-9

Stony Brook 2-11


Our remaining three games are huge. I said in another post awhile back that earning the #2 or #3 seed (doesn't matter which one) for the Tournament is very important because it gives us a potential shot to control our own destiny with regard to hosting the Championship game should we win our two games in BInghamton and UMBC falls in round 1 or 2 (which is very possible -- i.e., Maine already beat them).


Also, Hartford's last three games are against UVM, Boston University, and UMBC. I put Hartford at 10-6 or even 9-7 at season's end.


We've gotta take care of business at home this week!

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Hopefully Albany wins the tournament. That's all that matters because your obviously not getting an At - Large bid out of the A.E. If Albany doesn't win, I hope it's Hartford that goes to the tournament. My sister goes to Hartford and is good friends with a lot of the guys on the team, so it'd be interesting to see those guys go.

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Looking ahead (a very dangerous thing to do this year!!)...given how this season has gone for us...we could go 3-0 or just as easily 0-3 the rest of the way...so there's lots of permuations left and beyond the fact that it looks like, notwithstanding Weds game, UMBC appears to have the reg season title locked., its certainly true that finishing 2nd or 3rd would put us in position to host the A-E title game should UMBC stumble in Vestal...I would suggest that another consideration for folks to think about is that ONE place we don't want to be in going into the A-E tourney is somewhere midpack where we might need to play Binghamton in the opening round or the A-E semis...given the balance in the league this year...anyone on that side of the seedings.....and I mean anyone...could be in trouble...I have not followed the A-E game by game close enough to know Bingo's A-E record at home this year but...given the overall "competitive balance" this year...the home court is obviously a huge advantage...particularly for Bingo as they have a pretty committed (and compared to Vt...loud....) fan base...as I write this and think it out...it seems like we really need to shoot for 2nd to avoid Bingo...2-1 might get us there, 3-0 even better....does anyone know where we might stand on tiebreaker with Hartford??

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does anyone know where we might stand on tiebreaker with Hartford??

Tiebreaker for teams that split the season series is best in-conference win; Hart has an edge with two wins over Bing. They have to play UMBC, UVM and BUMA, we play BUNY, UMBC and BUMA. IF we win out and they lose to UMBC we're in, but if we lose to UMBC and they lose two they may be in but it depends on who finishes fourth thru sixth.

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