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Well, the series with Siena is going to continue. A three year deal has been signed. This is a great game for the city of Albany and the surrounding area. I am glad to see that we were given seats in Section 104 behind our bench. I think that was the right thing to do. The games have been competitive and I don’t expect next year to be any different. Siena will be very good next year. They will be the clear cut favorite in the MAAC. I think we will be inexperienced but very talented.


We are in the middle of final exams. They end next Thursday. Our players will be back on campus for summer school which starts on May 27th. Most of our newcomers will be on campus for the first summer session as well. The summer is a great opportunity to get ahead academically and to improve as a player. We try to take advantage of this time of year.


I am excited about our non conference schedule for next year. I am confident it will prepare us for America East Conference play. We will probably release the schedule at the end of the month.


Recruiting for the 09 class is going very well!


Nothing really new but it's getting to be the slow part of the year for college basketball, at least from a fans perspective.

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Actually, I do see something new: most of our class will be there for Summer School. For one that will help them prep for school. Athletically, it is important because now most of these guys will get a taste of what the next step up is, both physically and mentially.


Additionally, without the foreign game exemption, these guys will need to come together quickly. The more time they spend together the better it is. It could be a really rocky beginning because no matter how talented these guys are, COLLEGE IS SUCH A BIG STEP ATHLETICALLY, no matter DIII to DI.


Getting them together now will only help them (and our growing rabid fan base) gel for the end of the year when it counts!

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Can't disagree with you said, I was simply pointing out that most of the time during the summer sessions the new incoming recruits are on campus. Probably not all of them for all summer sessions but most are here or have been on campus in the past. So from that perspective it's not really news as it happens almost every summer.


I think you are right on point with the necessity of being on campus during the summer and gelling. Especially with 5 new recruits coming in, any time they can get to adjust to each other, the college scene, living away from home and working on their course requirements will be a huge help once the season starts.

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My only comment is that it is such a great idea to take some summer courses, which it appears that the players do --- not only for student athletes but for any student who has other activities going on, including a sports schedule.


I never took summer classes, but I wish I would have. It gives you the flexibility to drop mid-semester from 15 (or however many) down to 12 credits (remaining full time) if need be during the sports season (or even both Fall and Spring semesters); or it gives you the flexibility to start off with 12 credits and maintain that all semester.


I guess my post states only the obvious, but I just think it's a great move to take summer classes because I never did so.


Moreover, while D96 speaks to the leap in athletic competition for the incoming freshman -- and he is absolutely correct -- there is also a profound leap academically (at least for many, depending on academic background). Starting off with a class or two while many other students are not on campus yet during the summer is a great way to get a non-distracted head start.

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