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Danes lose in double OT

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That was horrible. I really can't even get beyond the technical called on Brown in OT. I know it's unseemly to complain about the officiating but Marachak argued every freakin call and then Brown gets a T for nothing. I could not believe it.

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I thought the Danes got a bad whistle tonight but.......


This group just can't close the deal. A missed FT here and there, a late TO or 2 and Iati misses a wide open 15' that could have sealed the deal.


It's a shame they work so hard and always compete - only to shoot themselves in the foot.


Levi 4-19, 0-6 from 3 and 5-8 FTs


Courtney 5-15, 0-1 from 3 ( most of his shots were lay ups)


"Q" 2-6, 0-1 from3 and 1-3 FTs


For a total of 11-40 and 0-8 from 3 and you still should have won.


Wyatt fouls out in regulation and Spencer has his way after that.

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I also thought Iati played real solid. It hurt that Munir stripped him once late and that he missed that open 15' baseline shot late but he also did some real nice things.


I still believe Iati be fine next year with better offensive personnell around him same can be said for Levi. When neither will be a #1 or 2 offensive option.


When you want to spread the offense around it's tough.......


Levi has been struggling


Courtney just isnot the offensive player everyone would like him to be. He shooting well under 40% and most of his shots are layups.


"Q" and Wyatt can't get their own shots easily. Wyatt was very effective last night.


The bench gives us little hope right now, Martin again was stripped trying to turn and face the basket and then through a pass right to a SB player for a hoop just before the half. These little things are killers when you're in a tie game.

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I want to say that I am very proud of this team. They played their butts off. There are not many teams with a record like theirs who put forth that kind off effort. They just ran out of gas.

I thought that Iati played a solid game last night. He made a few mistakes, but that is what you would expect from a freshman point guard. He also made a few amazing plays (fall away three pointer in from of the UAlbany bench).

I think that Levi needs to go back to just playing basketball. He looks like he is thinking too much. He is not moving well without the ball and when the ball gets into his hands, the offense stops. He needs to make quicker decisons and attack. He also needs to come up with something other then the spin move. Teams have that scouted and are waiting for it.

Chris Wyatt played one of his better games. I liked that he played with some attitude. He picked up or was called for some questionable fouls which really hurt the team. The option of fouling at the end of regulation was also taken out of Coach Browns hands because he fouled out. Up three, Coach probably did not want to put them on the line with the chance to make the first and miss the second. With their best rebounder/strongest player on the bench, there would be a greater chance of an offensive rebound and put back.

I thought the "T" by Coach Brown was not a pivital point of the game. Even though the score was close, his team was out of gas and Stoney Brook was starting to take over. He was really having a hard time with one of the refs in particular. His calls were not very consistent. All a coach asks for is some consisitency and this ref provided none. I would like to add that he is a tremendous coach. His future is bright and he is the right coach for this program. He should be here as long as he wants.

One last note about Stoney Brooks head coach and his puppet or twin (his son). I think that refs fear Marachak. He is crazy and his antics are classless, but refs never seems to "T" him up. When will a ref step up and put this coach in his place? I have also never seen more discussion between an assistant and refs. I thought that refs were only supposed to communiicate with the head man?

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